Six Ways to Improve Damage Resistance in Fallout 76

In Fallout 76, improving damage resistance allows players to more easily cope with various difficult challenges. There are many powerful enemies in the game that can easily be knocked down with one blow if the player is not well prepared. While good armor helps with defense, players can also maximize their damage resistance in many ways. This article will introduce six effective ways to help players improve damage resistance in Fallout 76.

Overeater's Protocoled Ultracite Armor Set

Choose the right armor

In Fallout 76, there are two main types of armor: power armor and regular armor. Power armor generally has higher damage resistance, with T-65 power armor being the best choice. By obtaining specific legendary effects such as Enhanced (up to +35 damage resistance), Vanguard (up to +35 damage resistance), and cheap Overeater’s Protocoled Ultracite Armor Set(damage is reduced by up to 6% as hunger and thirst levels increase), T-65 power armor can provide excellent protection.

For regular armor, Secret Service armor is considered the best choice. Although it is expensive, its basic damage resistance is very strong. The best Legendary effects include Enhanced, Vanguard, Glutton, Indomitable (up to +3 for all special attributes), and Sentinel (75% chance to reduce damage taken by 15% while standing still).

T-45 power armor set - Level 25

Using Armor Mods

Players can improve the damage resistance of armor by adding mods. For regular armor, the following mods are recommended: Braced, Hardened, Tempered, and Welded. Of these, the Buttressed mod is the best choice, but new players may need to stock up on materials to craft this mod. While preparing these materials, players can obtain the required materials by buy fallout 76 caps xbox.

Backpack Mods

Backpack Mods

Backpacks not only increase the player’s carrying weight, but can also increase damage resistance through specific mods. For example, the Armor Backpack mod can increase the player’s damage resistance by 90. Players can purchase the crafting plan for this mod at the Possum Vending Machine in Camp Adams for 5 Possum Badges.

Refried Beans

Using Consumables

Consumables can significantly increase the player’s damage resistance for a limited time. Here are some of the best choices:

  • Fried Mist Crawler: +25 Damage Resistance for 30 minutes
  • Mud Crab Jerky: +15 Damage Resistance for 1 hour
  • Scorched Beast Steak: +15 Damage Resistance for 40 minutes
  • Cranberry Jam: +10 Damage Resistance for 1 hour
  • Refried Beans: +15 Damage Resistance for 1 hour
  • Barbarian Grognak 8: +2 Damage Resistance for 30 minutes
  • Life and Love 6: +10 Damage Resistance in a Group for 30 minutes
  • Rage: +25 Damage Resistance for 3 minutes
  • Med-X: +25 Damage Resistance for 5 minutes

Players can enhance the effects of these consumables with Herbivore and Carnivore mutations.

Welfare Skills

Some skills can greatly increase a player’s damage resistance. Here are the core damage resistance skills:

  • Perk: Affects the player’s damage resistance
  • Barbarian: Increases damage resistance by up to 4 per point of strength (no powered armor)
  • Ironclad: Up to +50 damage resistance (no powered armor)
  • Lone Wanderer: Reduces damage taken by up to 20% when not in a group
  • Nerd Rage: Gains up to +40 damage resistance when below 20% health


Mutations can provide advantages to a variety of play styles, including increased damage resistance. Important skills are:

  • Digital Strange: Positive mutation effects are 25% stronger when teammates also mutate
  • Starchy Gene: No longer gains or loses any active mutations (requires level 2)
  • Professional Freak: Reduces the negative effects of mutations by 75% (requires level 3)

The Scaly Skin mutation increases damage and energy resistance by 50 points. The Carnivore and Herbivore mutations double the damage resistance gains from food.

By combining these methods, players can significantly increase their resistance to damage in Fallout 76, making it easier to handle the game’s various challenges.