Path of Exile – Get Ready For New Challenges

Path of Exile is the next hack’n’slashem on the market, whose task will be to please fans of the famous and iconic Diablo. The Wraeclast continent will be the world that will come to us.

Path of Exile is an ARPG game that drinks from Diablo II. Beyond being a clone, has long since expanded its mechanics and content by acquiring an identity to match the similarities with the title of Blizzard.

Controlling up to 7 character classes, players will be banished – for mistakes in the past – to a land of dark exile called Wraeclast. In it, in search of redemption, they will explore the abandoned continent and encounter hundreds of types of opponents, covered with spoils and valuable artifacts.

The game will be kept in a dark climate, and our main task, as in the case of slash, happens to be killing everything that moves and makes even the weirdest noises. The gameplay is very nonlinear and presented in an isometric view. Of course, you need a network connection to play. It was based on the F2P model, which is associated with the need to make micropayments in the event of a desire to gain access to the so-called Exclusive content.

In the Path of Exile store you can only go for cosmetic upgrades and larger bags. However, there seems to be a lot of action between players for real knacks. Anyway, the creators of the action RPG can not do much about that, of course … To take away the last doubt, I turned to the players themselves, who (almost) all let us know that this game in this respect is on the same level as DotA 2 and Team Fortress 2. And we can regard that as a great compliment!