How To Build A Tree in Path of Exile

I’m currently level 33 with over 800 hp and I like running dual axes, some skills I like using are Lacerate, Cleave, Leap slam and double strike, with support gems for those skills. I also have this Aura that gives me like 300 evasion. Which support skills should I apply to each skill? I currently have faster attack, chance to bleed, onslaught, endurance charge on melee stun, fire damage. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to¬†poe orbs buy on U4GM.

path of exile

So, how to build a tree? Attack builds usually focus on getting the weapon specific nodes, that are usually very good. Then picking up a few other damages nodes depending on how you want to scale your damage. The rest should be filled out With the life nodes you can take on the path for going to your damage nodes. You should grab at least 180% life on the tree.

As for ascendances :

  • Champion is pretty OP right now but that’s mainly thanks to the “hits can’t be evaded” thing that’s mainly good for crit builds. If you intend on sticking with axes, I wouldn’t go crit, and thus wouldn’t go champion and grab resolute technique on the tree
  • Gladiator and Slayer are both really good defensively. Slayer specializes in Regen through insane leech, while gladiator is more about preventing damage through block. It’s mainly a question of preferences and playstyle.
  • These are just general guidelines. As I said, I’d strongly advise you follow a build guide, or at least read a few of them, to check what people are doing, and why they’re doing it, so you can then build accordingly.