Something You Need Know About Career Mode in Madden 18

When CFM can not get a meaningful update, the fans will turn it into the ultimate team – this is the recent sports games face a lot of profit model. So today I will introduce some information for career mode in Madden 18, which will help you play Madden 18 easier.



Madden’s developers have something to do with their careless career model. , But they also admit that only so much resources can be bypassed. Since Madden 25, EA has made it clear that their priorities are games and the ultimate team – franchised bread and butter. XP will never go anywhere. In other words, the existing framework is still a lot of room for improvement.

As I have seen, Madden’s CFM’s biggest challenge is longevity. After winning the Super Bowl, many people retire because of the main goal of completing the year. EA tries to enhance Madden’s longevity by introducing the concept of Legacy Scores, but most of this ranking is meaningless.

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