Mu Legend: Exciting Combat And A Smooth Progression

Today, we can proudly speak about the new representant of the Mu universe: Mu Legend. As know, Mu Legend is a prequel of Mu Online, boosted with Unreal Engine 3 graphics and an insane amount of new content while respecting and bringing back specificities of Mu online such as the Wings and the Blood Castle in a new optimized client. You can also stay tuned U4GM and get more latest news, reference to here.

Mu Legend

Mu Legend includes four classes – Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader, and War Mage – and while it’s a very interesting and diverse game visually, the Unreal Engine makes sure that this game will run even on lower-end systems. Initial tests point to a fun game with exciting combat and a smooth progression that isn’t overly focused on grinding, making for a very enjoyable experience.

According to data statistic, gamers favorite class is War Mage, the combined time spent in game (154 years), or how many times players died at the hands of monsters (1,854,710). Meanwhile, Webzen has already revealed the first artwork for the sixth class, which is currently in the making, a sexy female mage. This is all that we have so far, but we’ll keep looking for any updates.

When you reach the endgame in Mu Legend your character will wear such a tight, badass armor that it doesn’t matter how many hordes of skeletons, soldiers and giant boss creatures get in its way, they will most surely turn into dust. The battle is endless, but so are your options for destroying your enemies. So, all gamers adhere to buy Mu Legend Zen & Mu Legend Power Leveling at U4GM.