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The Exiled Witch Of PoE

The Witch is Path of Exile’s character. They laughed at her. They pointed fingers, pulled their children away and whispered in the streets. They burned her home and drove her from the village. She got even.

Path of Exile

Flame, shadow, disease and frost. These are the tools of the mighty witch and she wields them with a reckless power she can barely control. Though she may look frail and delicate, do not underestimate her. Many have, and they are counted among the burned and withered corpses in her wake.

The Witch is Path of Exile’s pure intelligence class, making her an unmatched master of the elemental and dark arts. She wields the power of raw magic to decimate her foes from a distance. Her tremendous will surrounds her with a shimmering barrier against physical and magical attacks, a barrier that must first be pierced before the Witch herself is vulnerable. In addition to pure damage-based magic, the Witch can also cripple and kill her enemies with curses and diseases. She is a leery friend, and a dangerous enemy.

The armours associated with the Witch’s intelligence are circlets, robes, fabric gloves, slippers/boots, and spirit shields.

Stat: (Value)

  • Intelligence: 32
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Strength: 14
  • Life: 57
  • Mana: 56
  • Damage per second: 3.5
  • Chance to hit: 83%
  • Attacks per second: 1.2
  • Main hand total combined damage: 2-5
  • Main hand physical damage: 2-5
  • Main hand accuracy rating: 28
  • Main hand critical strike damage multiplier: 150%
  • Endurance charges: 0/3
  • Physical damage reduction per endurance charge: 4%
  • Additional elemental reduction per endurance charge: 4%
  • Frenzy charges: 0/3
  • Attack speed increase per frenzy charge: 4%
  • Cast speed increase per frenzy charge: 4%
  • Damage modifier per frenzy charge: 4% more
  • Power charges: 0/3
  • Critical strike chance increase per power charge: 50%
  • Evasion rating: 58
  • Chance to evade: 32%
  • Fire resistance: 0%
  • Cold resistance: 0%
  • Lightning resistance: 0%
  • Chaos resistance: 0%
  • Mana regen per second: 1

If you want to know more about character classes, you can visit the official website, and if you also need some PoE Orbs, you can click the link on


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Longshot Rewind: Added Several New Chemistry Abilities To MUT In Madden 18

The update of Madden 18 makes a ton of gameplay changes as it adds new features and modes, to name a few, Longshot game rewind, tournament official rules and so on. At the same time, added several new chemistry abilities to MUT as well as fixed visual inaccuracies on the following players/coaches, I will describe more details in the following aspects:

Madden NFL 18

Fixed Visual Inaccuracies On Players/Coaches
Colts TJ Green
Texans JJ Watt
Lions Teez Tabor
Giants Paul Perkins
Patriots David Harris
Giants Evan Engram
Bears Leonard Floyd
Lions Ameer Abdullah
Rams Sammy Watkins
Chargers Mike Williams
Saints Michael Thomas
Panthers Julius Peppers
Steelers Sammie Coates
Bears Cameron Meredith
Ravens Marlon Humphrey
Lions Coach Jim Caldwell
Raiders Coach Jack Del Rio
Cardinals Robert Nkemdiche
Free Agent Colin Kaepernick

Added Several New Chemistry Abilities To MUT
Int specialist – These defenders are far less likely to drop Interceptions unless the ball is tipped.
Primetime Protector – These blockers excel at pass blocking in 3rd & 4th and long situations.
Lead the Way – These blockers are more likely to succeed at run blocking when in a pull or lead block assignment.
Footsteps – These defenders apply a higher catch penalty to receivers when they are near the receiver during the catch point.
Situational Pass Rusher – These pass rushers get a boost to their pass rush success chance on 3rd & 4th and long situations.
Unfakeable – These players do not get faked out when user controlled, when AI controlled they only get faked out by tier 1 moves.
Secure Tackler Improvements – These players do not allow broken tackles when user controlled, when AI controlled they only allow broken tackles to tier 1 moves.

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U4GM Is Oriented With Offering Customer Madden Coins At The Lowest Price


Madden Coins is the currency of the NFL world. Just as, in the real world, money cannot buy happiness but it can open up opportunities. Madden Coins is not a substitute for strategy and fast reaction time, but it can help you achieve success in your quests and give you an advantage in Challenge. If you want to buy cheap Madden Coins, just come to U4GM.


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FIFA Mobile Campaign Mode Is Popular Among Players


Electronic Arts has announced FIFA Mobile. It targets iOS and Android systems. Among the novelties contains Campaign mode.

Electronic Arts has finally revealed the details of this year’s FIFA mobile series. The game is titled simply FIFA Mobile and will offer many changes to the previous section and more extensive content.


Last year’s FIFA 16 Ultimate Team proved to be a refined production, with a great gameplay system. But there was one serious problem – it was extremely poor in content, offering in practice only the title Ultimate Team mode, where we filled the dream team. So tight limits on the game came with a negative reception and Electronic Arts did not remain deaf to those voices. It does not mean that we will get the same thing on PCs and consoles, but the changes seem to be positive.

In previous FIFA Mobile we get a new mode called Attack Mode, which allows you to play instant matches in the style of New Star Soccer. Players will only take control of the goal during the goal, and everything else will be cut and calculated in the background, which will allow us to focus solely on scoring goals. In addition, various events will be activated on a regular basis, which will be linked to current events in the football world. They will usually take the form of minigames in which they will be rewarded with various gifts.

Players are able to set up their own league, playing a role similar to guilds in MMOs. As part of that group, users will work together on the results and compete with other leagues in network rankings. Besides playing alone, the game will also offer multiplayer mode and there will be no option to compete with people from the same league as us.

The new added Campaign mode is brand new single player experience coming to the new season of FIFA Mobile. Progress your way through Chapters inside of Campaign in order to obtain new Players and rewards. There are many unique Campaigns available which will offer rewards.

FIFA Mobile is targeting iOS and Android devices. Both will use a free model with micropayments. It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for the new FIFA season. However, you can buy FIFA Mobile coins cheap on U4GM if you don’t have enough time to make money.

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The Developers Continue To Add PVP Content To MU Legend’s Global Version

Speaking of MU Legend, On December 5th, the highly anticipated first set of PVP features will be unlocked, enabling players worldwide to compete with each other in fast-paced, cross-server 3v3 battles. Players can challenge one another within their region. The game was supposed to be the next gen open world Diablo. MU Legend will keep you updated on this subject. In an effort to get a lot more information and for further investigation, click for source.

MU Legend

While Webzen is working on December’s PVP update, new content, which will combine social & PVP features, is already scheduled and on its way. Hundreds of thousands of players have already tried the global OBT, which is available in English, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish, German and Polish.

Even though hack-&-slash games are usually more PVE oriented, we at Webzen believe that MU Legend also allows players to explore the PVP aspects of the genre to the fullest degree. According to Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin. He is also an avid players of the game, he will share more information on MU Legend, find more here.

He added:” we share the excitement of our fans regarding the arrival of the first set of PVP features to MU Legend. We’re looking forward to seeing our players using the new features and finally putting their skills and gear to the test in PVP battle.” At the same time, he also said: ” We will continue to add PVP content to MU Legend’s global version according to our production roadmaps and milestones while also maintaining our efforts into expanding PVE functionality. It is highly recommended to you view website.

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U4GM Accumulate Above 3 Years’ Experience In Supplying Madden Coins


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MU Legend – How To Download And Play


MU Legend “(also known as MU2) is the prequel to” MU Online “, one of the most played MMORPGs in the world and has become extremely popular in Brazil. The game was announced in 2004, but the development actually began only from 2009.


Developed for PC based on Unreal Engine 3, “MU Legend” delivers great graphics and a frenzied skill-based hack ‘n’ slash fighting system.


“MU Legend” was released in Open Beta on March 23, 2017 in South Korea. The global version of the game has been available in Open Beta since November 7, 2017 and can be played in several languages including English, French , German, Spanish, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

General Features

4 playable classes: choose from the Dark Lord, known to MU Online players, Blader, War Mage, and Whisperer, a new fairy elf inspired class from MU Online.

Dungeons: Players enter into various types of dungeons for different purposes. Normal dungeons are the basic dungeons that you conclude within the missions. Epic dungeons are harder to complete, but guarantee better equipment and more XP. Within the Fragment, the player also receives a special coin called Rift Fragments.

Progression: In addition to the base level up to 65, there is also the psychic level that allows players to invest their points in attributes. Attribute points are divided into Attack, Defense, Support, and Miscellaneous. There are a total of 16 attributes, 4 in category.

How to download and play “MU Legend”

With the Open Beta of the game already available, all you have to do is go to the official website, create an account and download the game client. Before installing, check the system requirements below.

System Requirements


Operating System: WinXP SP3, Win7 (32-bit) SP1 and later
CPU: Intel Quad Core / AMD Phenom II X4 and higher
RAM: min. 3GB
Video: Geforce 8800GT / Radeon HD4850 or higher
Direct X: 9.0c and later
Disk: minimum 25GB


Operating System: Win7 (64-bit) SP1, Win8.1 (64-bit), Win10 (64-bit)
CPU: i5 760 / AMD Athlon X4 740 and above
RAM: min. 4GB
Video: Geforce GTS 450 / Radeon HD4890 or higher
Direct X: 9.0c and later
Disk: minimum 25GB

Trailer / Gameplay

For more MU tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can buy cheap MU Legend Redzen.

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Madden 18: EA’s Foray Into A Mode Tries To Make Fan’s Dream A Reality

Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, having led the New England Patriots to five Super Bowl titles. Brady will turn 40 before the 2017 NFL season, his current contract runs through the 2019 season. EA decided to take away the majority of AI nonsense in favor of allowing users to face-off against each other in order showcase their skills. EA is leaving the previous consoles behind. Further information about Madden 18, reference from here.

Madden 18

EA’s new foray into a story-driven mode tries to make every NFL fan’s dream a reality. Longshot mode chronicles the story of a top high school football star out of Texas whose goal of turning pro falls short during his college years. New to the Madden Franchise, this simple, but brilliant add-on allows players to dive into a regular season NFL game in real-time. You can also resume your season in Franchise Mode and it will reflect all the current stats and records in the current NFL.

According to the Madden Curse, players making the cover of the popular video game have had tough times that particular season. Brady serve as the cover of Madden 17, other players have done well. Richard Sherman played great the year he was showcased on Madden 15, but the Seahawks lost in the final seconds of the Super Bowl to the Patriots. Madden 18 is in a lot of ways a more polished and refined version of its predecessor.

While the Longshot mode is worth a play-through, the replay value is quite low since it’s anticlimactic once your redemption story is complete. Franchise Mode and MUT Squad more than make up for any deficiencies exhibited by Longshot Mode and will quickly command hours of your time and attention. The gameplay mechanics remain status quo, but this year’s iteration seems to strike a fair balance between offensive firepower and defensive playmaking. Here’s everything you need to know about :

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Madden NFL 18 – The Hour Of The Patriots


Although football is the ultimate sport in America and in recent years has increased the fascination in this country, you are content in our latitudes with a rather small fan base. The same is true for Electronic Arts “Madden NFL 18″. The series is a cornerstone in the history of the company and is one of the most important sports games in the world alongside the “FIFA” series. That’s why we set out to win the virtual Super Bowl.


Back to the game. At the beginning you can decide for one of the three game variants, which is one of the new features. Arcade is Madden’s fastest variant. Here are exciting moves, high scores and spectacular catches in the foreground. Penalties are rarely distributed and the player controlled player makes the difference. This mode is perfect for a cozy “Madden” game full of action. Simulation is the authentic version that should be as real as possible and is suitable for true football fans who want to experience the game in its purest form. Finally, there is the competitive variant. This is all about the duel in head-to-head games and in tournaments. The capabilities on the controller are crucial here. Although the three variants set out a broad field, players should familiarize themselves with all three, because for some modes, the variants are given.

If you’re new to the game like me, you’ll get the opportunity to prepare for your career with an extremely comprehensive tutorial of over 80 exercises. Although some of the exercises are very similar in the beginning and some instructions are not very clear, the tutorial generally prepares you for the game.

Roughly, there are three game modes. Above all, of course, the Ultimate Team, next you can start a career in franchise mode and, last but not least, the newly introduced Longshot. This is a story mode based on the “Journey” mode introduced last year in the “FIFA” series. Players take on the role of quarterback Devin Wade, who would like to make it into the NFL. Without giving too much away, one can say that Longshot offers a theatrical story of loss, self-doubt and friendship. At the heart of the story is the TV series Longshot, which accompanies Devin on his way to the NFL. You can always make decisions that affect the scouts’ reports. In addition, there are a few exercises in which you have to prove his football IQ and playful skills. These vary in difficulty, but when it comes to essential moments, the controls change to the simplest live-action operation, where you only have to press the flashing buttons. In addition, some events are provided during the exercises, so that even with a perfect move no further comes. All in all, Longshot is more of a mediocre football movie, in which one takes over the control and can make some decisions from time to time. After all, the story is choppy after a few hours and a real NFL game does not even happen.

Depending on how successful you were in Longshot, you can directly unlock some items for the Ultimate Team and spin the story a little further in the challenges. However, one notices here but also in the franchise mode, which value one had in the development of the new longshot mode. Because with the other modes, there are only a few innovations. With the MUT levels, there are experience points after each game – if you step up, waving rewards. In addition, you can compete in MUT squads in 3v3 games against each other. Here, one player controls the offense, the defense and one acts as a head coach.

Although there is little new content, “Madden NFL 18″ still offers a new gaming experience. Because not only in the story mode, it was based on “FIFA”, also in the engine has taken the step from Ignite to Frostbite. The gameplay is now a bit slower and the AI acts smarter, at least on higher levels of difficulty. In addition, the atmosphere in the stadiums overwhelming and the fans seem to be a bit overwhelming.

Furthermore, EA has retained its years of experience and focus. So you get not only as usual a game with the necessary licenses and a great presentation offered, also the soundtrack and the commentators are the finest. As usual, the Ultimate Team offers enough incentives to collect cards and strengthen their team.


In sports games there is always the debate in the room on how much a game should develop. May one rest on the licenses alone? The answer is quite clear: no. But even if there is no particular change in the MUT and franchise mode at first glance, the creation of the longshot story and the introduction of a new engine did not make you rest – even if the story mode is not completely convincing and a slower one Gameplay is certainly a matter of taste. Nevertheless, one feels through and through the love of football. Accordingly, the game has been designed especially for diehard fans and just to recommend such. But even as a freshman you get a lot of entertainment and if necessary also taught the basics.

If you want to buy excellent players in MUT mode after the release of Madden 18, you can choose buy cheap Madden 18 coins for sale on You won’t want to miss them.

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EA And Other Developers Choose To Annually Update Sports Games: Madden 18

Madden NFL Mobile released three years ago, but it doesn’t release new versions. For the current version, it was also overhauled. According to perception, there may ne a time when video game publishers don’t release annual versions of such games as FIFA 18 and Madden NFL 18, but instead rely on online updates or some sort of subscription service.

Madden NFL 18

Speaking of Madden 18, this is something that many fans have suggested the studio do for some time, and something that they’ve been doing in the mobile world. According to Wilson, the user base for the game has grown, but there are challenges to shifting to an “online only” game. Followed by, Wilson, as a EA CEO Andrew, he responded to related questions for this game.

Wilson explained:” there’s a few things that have got to happen first.” He added:” we do a lot in a FIFA game every year and a lot in a Madden game, and there’s a lot of code that we make available as part of the new iterations.” At present, we get a new FIFA, Madden and NHL every year. On this year’s August, Madden 18 was launched, along with new story mode Longshot, regarding this new mode, click for source.

EA and other developers also choose to annually update sports games in the mobile space rather than release a new game every year. The developers said: we will keep working diligently to get the lag issue addressed in an upcoming title update. Issues like this have been, and will remain, our top priority.” U4GM will take the responsibility to ours each clients, we insist on selling safe & cheap madden 18 coins.

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