MLB The Show 24 Drops Massive Update with New Captains and Programs

The latest update for MLB The Show 24 has brought a wealth of new content to the game, including some highly anticipated features and player cards. Below we will give you a detailed overview of the new features and players that have been added in this update.

New Captains Program

The game has introduced a new Captains program, featuring several high-profile players as 95 overall rewards. These include:

  • Clayton Kershaw (Lefty Captain)
  • David Ortiz (2,000 Hits Captain)
  • Ichiro Suzuki (Asia Captain)
  • Carlos Santana (Switch-Hitting Captain)

These Captains provide significant boosts to players who build their lineups around them, making them highly desirable additions. To get these players faster and build a new dream team, we can buy some mlb stubs.

Revamped Programs

Classics program

The update also includes a revamped Classics program, headlined by a free 95 overall Cody Bellinger card. Other standout program rewards include:

  • Gleyber Torres – A 23-year-old slugger with excellent hitting attributes
  • Nick Lodolo – A 4-pitch pitcher with strong H/9 and K/9 ratings
  • Keibert Ruiz – A switch-hitting catcher with good contact and clutch

The programs offer a variety of ways for players to earn valuable new cards.

Packed with New Content

In addition to the programs, the update has brought a wealth of new player cards in packs, including:

  • Matt Chapman – A defensive wizard with elite fielding and arm strength
  • Yon Alvarez – A power-hitting outfielder with maxed-out stuff vs. righties
  • Dante Bichette – An event reward with insane clutch ratings against lefties

The sheer volume of new, high-quality content should keep MLB The Show players engaged for the foreseeable future.

Overall, this update represents a significant step forward for MLB The Show, delivering a diverse array of new gameplay options and powerful new player cards. Fans of the series will find plenty to enjoy as they dive into the latest content.

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