Monopoly GO Hot Rod Partners

Monopoly GO Hot Rod Partners Guide

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the next partner event called Hot Rod Partners in Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO Hot Rod Partners Release Date

Monopoly GO Hot Rod Partners is coming on March 8th. This partner event, similar to previous ones like the Valentine Partners, offers a fun and engaging experience with tons of free rewards, such as Dice Rolls, Cash, Monopoly GO Stickers, a new Diamond Dragster board token, and this time, the new Wild Sticker, which allows you to choose any card you want for free.

Monopoly GO Hot Rod Partners Milestones & Rewards

In ‘Hot Rod Partners’, you’ll need to team up with four other players to form four partnerships to build different cars. Together, you’ll collect points by spinning an event-specific wheel using the event tokens. You can earn these tokens in various ways: by landing on certain spaces on the board, reaching milestones in main events and tournaments, or through Quick Wins and free gifts in the Shop.

Similar to events from other partners, each partnership features five tiers of rewards, culminating in a Grand Prize for completing them all. Below is the complete list of rewards and milestones for the new ‘Hot Rod Partners’ event in Monopoly GO.

MilestonePointsHot Rod Partners Rewards
12,500200 Dice Rolls
321,500 200-300 Dice Rolls, Cash
448,000 300-500 Dice Rolls, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack, High Roller
580,000400-600 Dice Rolls, Cash, 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack
Grand Prize320,0005,000 Dice Rolls, Wild Sticker and Diamond Dragster board token

How To Find Partners in Monopoly GO

You can find partners to play with in three main ways:

In-Game Suggestions: The game will offer partner suggestions.
Online Communities: Players have the option to engage with online communities, such as the Monopoly GO Discord server, to team up with committed partners. This approach is typically more dependable, as players encountered online are often more focused on successfully completing the event.
Invite Your Friends & Family: Playing the game becomes much easier if you invite friends who are already playing, rather than searching for random players.

Hot Rod Partners Event Strategies and Tips

As you start playing the ‘Hot Rod Partners’ event, do not waste your newly acquired tokens. Accumulate a good amount of them and then start spinning the wheel with the High Roller bonus. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach any milestones unless you are extremely lucky. It’s also a good idea to reconnect with reliable partners with whom you played in past partners’ events. This will greatly increase your chances of successfully reaching the milestones and rewards.

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