NBA 2K23 Low-Budget Offensive Players

In NBA 2K23 MyTeam, the focus is on those hot cards, which often require expensive budgets. This has left some competent cards overlooked, and they only require some cheap 2K23 MT to get on the auction house.

Brian Scalabrine

Being 6’9″ at small forward is a good fit, and he has a total of 49 high-level badges, 31 gold badges, and 18 HoF badges, of which he has 10 HoF badges and Two Shooting Badges, coupled with a reliable jump shot, greatly improved his scoring ability.
Lower Base: Yuta Watanabe
Upper Release: Immanuel Quickley
Release Timing: Very Quick

Shooting Badges

Michael Redd

This is an offensive shooting guard. The price is between 8K~10K, 98 Shot Mid, 99 Shot 3pt, has excellent shooting attributes, and 14 HoF Shooting Badges. His jump shot, and dribbling ability are good, although he is a bit worse on the defensive end. This is not an offensive player who should consider.

His jump shot is very characteristic, and the animation is perfect
Lower Base: Derek Fisher
Upper Release: Trae Young
Release Timing: Very Quick

Shooting Badges