Destiny 2: All Starcat Locations

In Destiny 2, the Starcats are unique collectibles you can find as you progress through the Season of the Wish story. They will appear in specific locations, with several rewards for finding each one, including the reprised versions of the weapons added in Season of the Wish. In addition, collecting all the Starcats can get the seasonal title for Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish. So here, we’ll show you where to find Starcats.

Starcat 1 Location: The Blind Well

The Blind Well Starcat is simple to locate. Load into the Blind Well activity on the Dreaming City by either selecting the node on the map or driving to it while on the destination. Head into the room and past the big well in the middle of the room, where the activity starts. Head to the door at the very back of the room, opposite of where you enter from — the same door that the final boss typically spawns next to. At the foot of this massive door, you’ll see a Starcat. Hold the interact button to collect it.

Starcat 2 Location: The Garden of Plenty

There’s a Starcat hidden in the Garden of Plenty. The Garden of Plenty appears in the Riven’s Lair or The Coil activities. You will need to wait for the mission to appear for the Garden to show up. After arriving at the Garden of Plenty, clear out all the enemies and face the big pavilion leading to the teleporter. Look left, then head towards the rocks by the cliffside. The Starcat will be sitting on a rocky ledge.

Starcat 3 Location: Chamber of Starlight

The Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector is located in the Rheasilvia area of the Dreaming City. To get there, head to Rheasilvia from the Divalian Mists. Make a slight right as you load into the area and head to the bridgein front of you. Once you’re on the bridge, look towards the cliff face where you’ll see the Lost Sector Symbol. Head towards that to find the entrance hidden in the rocks. Go through the Lost Sector until you reach the boss room. This Starcat is located towards the middle of the room on the small table.

Starcat 4 Location: Aphelion’s Rest

The Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector is found within The Strand area of the Dreaming City. To get there, head to The Strand area from the Divalian Mists. Once you load into the area, head to the opposite side near where the gazebo is up on the hill. Stay on the ground in the water and head to the opposing side of the rock with the gazebo, and you’ll find the Lost Sector entrance. Clear out all enemies to reach the chest room, and jump up the ledge behind the chest to find a tombstone-shaped marker. The cat can be found sitting inside the broken basin.

Starcat 5 Location: Bay of Drowned Wishes

The Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector is located in the Divalian Mists area of the Dreaming City. To get there, load into the Dreaming City. Turn around and head toward the group of rocks behind you. The entrance to the Lost Sector will be right there, fight through the waves of Scorn, and get to the chest room. The Starcat is sitting on the outcrop to the right of the chest.

Starcat 6 Location: Temple of the Queen’s Wrath

Just like the Garden of Plenty Starcat location, the Temple of Queen’s Wrath is a location within the Riven’s Lair activity that you need to get lucky to find. Once you arrive at Temple of Queen’s Wrath, the Starcat is located to the right and front of the stage, on the side you came in. Look behind the large statue and you’ll see the Starcat in the crevice.

Note: There are 14 Starcats in total; they are slowly being released week-by-week, with this guide currently logging all locations up to and including Week 2. We’ll continue to update this guide as more Starcats become available following each weekly reset.

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