Is It Just Do Bosses Drop Maps Extremely Rarely in PoE

I ran about 25 shaped haunted mansions and got no maps whatsoever from the boss. Common theory was that bosses were needed to be killed to sustain maps but it just seems not to be the case. Is this just bad luck or did they nerf the boss drops?

poe map

1. They drop maps fairly frequently i think they have a base flat chance of dropping a map and the chance is fairly significant, like 25% or something but dont quote me. The problem is theres no guarantee on the lvl of the map so when ur doing a t16 elder map the boss can drop a t3 which will get filtered out by ur loot filter leading you to think the boss didnt drop a map when in reality they might be dropping shitty maps that no one cares about.

2. This is why a lot of streamers say to not kill the boss, since it’s not worth it with the loot. Although I’ve gotten quite a few of my key map upgrade early from bosses, once you’re rolling in maps it’s all about xp, so bosses aren’t really worth it.

3. Then when they finally DO drop a map, it’ll be a tier 4 in a tier 12. which, since your atlas bonus is already over 100% means it naturally dropped as a TIER 3. how they in any way think this is acceptable, i’m really not sure. how fucking hard would it be to put a floor cap on it? like a sliding scale based on tier? if you’re in a tier 12, maps can only drop tier 8 or higher, or something. SERIOUSLY HOW HARD WOULD THAT BE? there’s still a range of variance and you still have to get the map to drop in the first place…so there’s still plenty of RNG layers.

4. Haunted mansion has something like 800 mobs. For those 800 mobs to match the 1 in 25 maps you got from bosses, you’d receive about 32 maps per map, which is probably 5-8 times what you actually get. So yea, the chance off bosses is significantly higher than off a normal mob. Whether or not that is is worth doing depends a lot on the boss, the map, and your character. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheapĀ poe items for trade with instant delivery.