Final Fantasy XIV Has New Experience With New Mod

Final Fantasy XIV with red lights, thanks to an amateur mod.

Phoenix Mods has released a new mod that will surely “excite” the curiosity of many fans of Final Fantasy XIV.


It is a pack of high resolution 4K textures that modifies all female characters… making them completely naked.

All those interested in downloading this mod can find it on NexusMod at this address, under the name “4K Enhanced”. Needless to say, for obvious reasons, we will not share here the images of the aforementioned mod and it would be better not to share them even among the comments. However, nothing prevents you from keeping them for yourself.

What do you think? Are you curious to try this new “experience”? Or do you consider it a bad taste?

Some time ago, we had mentioned that Final Fantasy XV on PC will support Steam Workshop and that the developers had appealed to the moral sense of the players to avoid the arrival of the “nude mods”. How do you think they will react with this?

UPDATE – It seems that the texture package has been removed by the same author, to replace it with an updated version that, at the moment, is not visible. We will update again if it reappears.

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