What’s The Submerged Passage In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, The Submerged Passage is an area in Act 1. This area has a waypoint and is connected to The Mud Flats, The Flooded Depths, and The Ledge. Bear in mind that having enough path of exile orbs is not bad for you.

The area has several paths, but the exit to The Ledge is always near the upper-right corner. The Flooded Depths is near the bottom-right. The Concealed Cavity has a chance to spawn in the top-center of the map. The waypoint is located next to The Mud Flats entrance.

Path of Exile

The following are the Monsters you will meet:

1. Brood Princess: it is a unique Sea Witch located in The Submerged Passage. She deals cold damage and summons Broodlings.

2. Cave Crustacean: it is a type of Shield Crab. It has a cyan colour, and when killed becomes a Crustacean Sniper. In The Flooded Depths, they do additional cold damage.

3. Crustacean Sniper: it is a type of Spitter. It has a cyan colour, and emerges from killed Cave Crustaceans. In The Flooded Depths and The Frozen Abyss, they do additional cold damage.

4. Cursed Spawn: it is a type of Sea Witch spawn found in Act 1.

5. Tide Strider monsters: they are a type of Elemental which can be found in Act 1. They emerge from areas of water.

6. Ancient Bonestalker: it is a type of Skeleton found in a variety of areas.

7. Dripping Dead: it is a type of Zombie found in Act 1. In the Mud Flats where they are first seen, they can emerge from underground in a very slow ambush.

Native monsters in this area can be resistant to cold, lightning, and fire damage. They deal physical and occasionally cold damage and may apply the Blind debuff. There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy items, you will get more gains.