Mu Legend Was Created Under The Name Mu 2

Mu Legend, sequel to the cult classic Action/MMORPG Mu. Initially, the game was created under the name Mu 2, but in the course of development it was changed to Mu Legend. The novelty of Webzen inherits many of the original ideas, while remaining completely independent project.

Mu Legend

At U4GM, there you can get acquainted with information about the game and its content, including classes, dungeons, guild system, arena, altar of spirits, rifts, infinity tower, maze and the game world. Mu Legend started, one of the most anticipated and truly long-awaited sequels in this genre. You can learn more about the game on U4GM and click here.

Mu Legend and the original Mu Online are significantly different. The developers believe that the launch of the novelty will not do a great blow to the predecessor, but at the same time they hope that the active old-timers will want to try the new project and will enjoy it. Webzen also expects to return veterans who played in Mu Online earlier.

In Mu Legend, there are epic dungeons of extreme complexity for high-level players. They are recommended groups of 5 people. The individual role and build of each character in them is extremely important. It’s important to note that cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale at U4GM, and U4GM is a professional supplier that highly recommended by gamers.