Albion Online Just Published Hector Update Of Final Version

The latest update for Albion Online is a significant change in the design.

The final version of Albion Online will hit the market around mid-July. Developers, preparing for this memorable day, have just published another update of their venture.

The update called Hector is available from yesterday. If you’ve played Albion Online for some time, you’ll definitely notice a lot of important changes. If you have not yet started your adventure with the production, necessarily have a look at the footage below, and also the official site.

The most important changes are the modifications of Hellgates and Outlands, as well as the brand new Black Market, which combines the elements of PvE with the economy, which is completely in the hands of players and also the system of crafts. Hector is also a new mount and extensive tutorial.

According to the developers, Hector is the last major update of this type before the launch of Albion Online, scheduled for July 17. From now on, developers will focus solely on eliminating mistakes and fun.