Revelation Online Introduces World Bosses & Achievements has produced a commendable effort to consistently introduce various content seen in Revelation Online to its players. The most recent news presents world bosses and achievements.
World Bosses

Known with regards to rarity and difficulty across MMOs, world bosses aren’t different in Revelation Online Gythil. A total of six world bosses currently is available in-game. Each boss’s spawn location is marked around the world map, however spawn times aren’t explicit. Certain bosses will need significantly more the perfect time to respawn than the others. Encountering and defeating a global boss could possibly be difficult, nevertheless the rewards are worth the effort.

To improve the competitiveness of world bosses, essentially the most challenging one might only be fought from the strongest guilds. Guilds must battle each other each week to earn their chances with the boss.


Earning each of the achievements in games can be a goal for many people hardcore gamers. With an astounding 11471 achievement points already for sale in Revelation Online at this time, only by far the most patient and skillful players are able to earn each achievement.

Achievements are available for every aspect of the experience, allowing players coming from all types to join in for the hunt. Some achievements have hidden conditions to get fulfilled, and definately will definitely be points of conversation for achievement hunters. Players can get unique titles and rewards, and also a position around the global achievement points ranking, for acquiring achievements.

Revelation Online carries on amaze which consists of extensive level of available content. If you are enthusiastic about joining Revelation Online’s passionate community, you’ve still got until January 3rd to participate in in its 2nd CBT. I hope to view you guys inside vibrant arena of Nuanor!

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