Both NBA 2K17 And Fitbit Reach Cooperation

As a the developer of NBA 2K17, Visual Concepts has partnership with an unlikely partner, it’s called Fitbit. According to the fitness tracker producer, Today, they announced their partnership, on November 25th, fanatic players will can see the results. Why so many players are dedicated to buy NBA 2K17 MT PC.


The promotion’s a pretty simple one with a lot of potential: take ten thousand steps in a day, and your MyPlayer (a custom player) in the game starts to feel the results of your exercise, gaining temporary boosts to important stats. Meanwhile, many players are focus on buy NBA 2K17 MT PS4.

Actually taking advantage of it isn’t very hard, either – users will be able to link their Fitbit with the game, starting on the 25th. Steps then begin to count towards the goal after the link, and you’ll gain boosts for a solid five days after reaching the goal.

It might be a small reward, but it’s a cool idea – your character is you, so why shouldn’t your exercise count towards them as well? It’s an attempt to get gamers active that almost hearkens back to the era of motion controls, but there’s so much more potential now because you aren’t just limited to your home.

Actually, for the partnership, in the future, there’s so much potential, in particular, if it gets expanded to other 2K Sports titles such as the WWE 2K series. If you would like to play NBA 2K17, and now you can access a official website to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.