Next Albion Online Update: New Death Mechanics Will Be Introduced

Speaking of Albion Online eternal beta, it will run cross-platform MMORPG, and it’s gearing up for its next major update and expected to arriving this month. For the update, new mechanics and features will be introduced, some of which is about to make player’s lives a hell of a lot better. By the way, be remind that cheapest albion gold for sale.


I’m talking mainly about the ability to repair gear while on the go. Your gear in Albion Online has durability, which can go down as you use your gear. This includes not just weapons and armor, but resource gathering gear as well.

New loot visual information

These are the two biggest addition/changes to Albion Online with the Cador update. There are other changes coming of course, such as changes in the amount of fame gains and loot drops depending on the zones players travel to.

Balancing risk versus reward, less dangerous zones yield less bonuses, incentivizing players to explore the risky areas of Albion for more rapid character progression. With the update, in order to make the fame and loot bonus display more visible, the total value will be shown first, with detailed information about which bonuses are active presented in parentheses. Do you want to buy albion online silver right now.

New Knock Down death mechanic and mobile Repair Kits

The new update, titled Cador, will be fixing this problem by introducing a way that players will be able to repair gear while their are out and about in the world of Albion. This will be done with the use of mobile repair kits. However, there are a few things to note with these repair kits. First, mobile repair kits can be used for gear of up to the same tier as the repair kit itself. The higher tier the repair kit is, the higher tier gear you can repair. Also, repair costs are higher than what they normally would be in town. Lastly, these act as a repair station, and have a limited lifespan before they go poof.

The changes to the death mechanics are also interesting. Instead of just dying and respawning in a city, or near your corpse and trying to run for your life so you can heal, the update will introduce a forced knock down phase when a player runs out of hit points. This new mechanic works for both PvE and PvP fights.

Now that the Cador update is set for launch at the end of this month, when we will be checking out these new features and mechanics while at GDC 2016 next week, needless to say, if you have any questions, you can visit here: In order to participate in the ongoing beta right now, you will need to own any one of the available Founder’s Packs, in that end, giving some of those away at the end of this month as well, hence, stay tuned for that.