Albion Online Final Beta: It Was Prolonged Until 2017

For someone who are waiting for an official release within a short time, they might be annoyed about its released date. Regarding Sandbox interactive has announced that the latest beta scheduled, what’s more, Albion Online will be extended until next year. if players want to acquire cheap albion online silver, you can access related games sites.


Obviously there have been complaints in the official forum of the interesting sandbox massive, multi-platform, especially in view of yet wipe the characters (expected between February and March 2017), but the German software company reiterated that this additional time will be used to Albion Online make even more beautiful and rich in features for users.

As we all know that many of you are expecting that the game launch this year, admitted Stefan “Bercilak” Wiezorek Sandbox, needless to say, we too would have loved it. You are certainly waiting for cheap albion gold for a while.