The Week’ Section On Fifa 15

These Reigning Days track Thrones has been chosen as the soundtrack by EA Games for their “Goals of the Week’ section on Fifa 15.

The band also play three amazing dates in India this week.

Jan 22 : The Emerge Festival, India, Bluefrog, Mumbai
Jan 23 : The Emerge Festival, India, The Hummingtree, Bengaluru
Jan 24 : Summerhouse Cafe, The Emerge Festival, India, New Delhi


You can see the new video to Thrones below.

These Reigning Days music is often described as anthemic, epic stadium rock. It fuses layers of strong but understated guitar lines with a twisting, indie-pop synth sound that quietly drives the compositions. Drawing on a great range of influences their songs, penned by Dan Steer, are memorable, danceable and instantly accessible whilst still retaining much depth for those who want to glean more. Dan’s stunning unique and powerful vocals and soaring guitar are underpinned with a pulsing rhythm section from drum phenomenon Joe Sansome and formidable bassist Jonny Finnis.