How FIFA 15 To Take to Build a Winning Squad

The best team is the one you build yourself. It isn’t just about assembling all the top players together in one squad. There are many factors that influence how well your players play with one another. In FUT, building the best possible squad requires smart decisions on and off the pitch.

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The Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry is the connective tissue between your Players in FIFA Ultimate Team. By building up your Squad’s Chemistry, you will increase your Player’s performance on the pitch. High Chemistry is vital in building a strong Squad and beating your opponents in FUT.Click here to find out more about the contribution to FIFA 15 because of chemistry.

Utilizing the Transfer Market

FUT has the world’s biggest Transfer Market with millions of transfers made daily. This is where you can purchase any Item for your Squad or sell the Items that you no longer need.

Playing Matches

The more matches you play, the better you will become. Challenge friends in the all new Friendly Seasons mode or play Offline and Online.Seasons to earn coins. With those coins you can buy packs or use the Transfer Market to find Players that can improve your Squad’s chemistry.