FIFA 15 Helpful Skills-Pure Shot

fifa 15The development of the Infinity engine has provided a massive dose of realism to FIFA. The players move realistically, the crowd has better detailed and cheers intelligently. If one watches closely than even ripples on players’ T shirts are visible. This amount of detail, however, isn’t for cosmetic purposes only. With the possibility of visualizing an actual kick, with all its fluidity and grace the game’s developers added an actual gameplay component known as the ‘Pure shot’.

If earlier it was the stats of the player and the skill with which the console was wielded, there is now a third element which can be described as the player’s specialty. All those precious cheap fifa 15 coins that were spent on your most loved footballers can now be redeemed in the ultimate way. The pure shot concept is a reenactment of the footballer’s talent on the virtual field. If the necessary conditions are met, then the player can execute a more powerful and accurate shot than the generic mechanism reflecting his unique capabilities.

To replicate the shot technique of players, they were called in and their motions recorded using sensors placed on their bodies, so when your virtual star pulls of a pure shot you are witnessing an exact replication of his real life talent.

The trick to execute a pure shot in fifa 15 is fairly simple, first a wide and clear space is required. A player cannot execute a pure shot in the middle of a gambit since it takes time. The technique calls for a second or two to power up for the shot. Once a player has a clear space around him, he must stop sprinting and slow down. Then after a momentary pause during which the player will execute the cinematic as well, the shot is made. The difference in accuracy and power is fairly obvious and allows for harder and longer distance shots than previous editions of the game.

This feature adds value to players with certain traits and styles of play that can be put to use while forming a team. Players bought cheaply for less fut coins may not be as advantageous even if they possess similar stats than an expensive player.Thanks to Pure Shot, we’ll be seeing a lot more long-distance goals and hard shots, so take advantage of it!