There are quests in GW2 but they may not be the traditional quests that you are used to. Quests in GW2 are called Hearts or Tasks. They are heart shaped symbols on the map that fill to full once you complete them.

Each heart has a specific level associated with it and once you are near the area of a heart, you will see something pop up on the right side of the window that tells you what you need to do to complete the heart.


Once you complete the heart, don’t forget to visit the NPC with the heart, as he/she will have something to exchange for karma earned from dynamic events.

Note that Hearts serve mostly as a guide to event hotspots and doing them all in an area won’t offer enough experience to advance to the next. Participating in events near the heart is an alternative and faster way to fill it, so unless you wan’t to try doing the simple content of the heart you should always give priority in an event if it exists nearby.

Another thing to pay attention to are the scouts. These are NPCs scattered around the map (they show up as a telescope icon on the map) that reveal nearby hearts. 

An interesting feature is the ability to track your party member’s progress if they are working on the same hearts as you. If you don’t have the simple party UI option enabled, there is a small heart icon next to each party member’s portrait if they are doing the same heart as you. Hovering over it will tell you their completion.

Dynamic events are spontaneous events that pop up all over the map. They are called dynamic events because they do not always occur in the same location and there may be different events going on from time to time. You will know when an event is nearby as you will see an orange circle on the map.

Some dynamic events trigger by themselves while others are triggered by players interacting with certain NPCs.

The symbol of the dynamic event on the map and above the target suggests what sort of activity is required to complete it. For example: if there is a symbol of a shield, then its suggested that you have to protect/escort that target, and if there is a symbol of a bag with an arrow above, then you’ll most likelly have to gather something in the area and bring it to the target.

Dynamic events typically scale up in difficulty depending on the number of players doing them. However, some dynamic events are designed as group events and will require at least 5 people people to complete it (4 if you are well organised). These events are recognised by the Group Event note in their description.


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