Guild Wars 2 Generic Skills Guide

Altogether each character has 10 skill slots that are bound to the number keys 1 through 0. The first skill is bound to the 1 key, the second skill to the 2 key, etc. Your character’s five weapon skills are determined by the weapon equipped and the profession you chose. Initially, only the basic auto attack is unlocked and but players will unlock more by using the weapon itself. When dual-wielding, your main-hand weapon dictates your first 3 skills while your offhand determines your 4th and 5th skills. Though different professions can use the same weapon type, each profession possesses unique skills.

The remaining 5 skills are all chosen by the player. These skills are determined by both profession and race, and must be unlocked using skill points. The sixth skill slot is dedicated to Healing Skills that replenish the health of the character and his allies, while slots 7-9 are reserved for Utillity Skills. Finally, the tenth skill, bound to the 0 key, is dedicated to Elite Skills. Elite skills are powerful skills but require the most amount of skill points to unlock and possess long cooldowns.

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