Escape from Tarkov: The Definitive Guide For Beginner

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore shooting game. Any carelessness will cause players to lose valuable trophies, equipment, and more Tarkov Roubles in this game. To at least put an end to ignorant mistakes and slightly lower the barriers to entry, we have prepared an introductory guide for beginners. This is the most definitive guide for beginners.


In Escape from Tarkov, the fighter’s movement is not limited to regular running or walking like most other first-person shooters. The game considers the character’s equipment, his armor, and the severity of weapons. You can move, sneak and even crawl at different speeds, which affects the noise level.

Any clumsy action will allow you to be spotted by enemies lurking nearby. Here, speed is as important as attention to the surrounding environment and accuracy. Walking on broken glass, metal fragments, wooden floors, or bushes-every surface and object you touch will make a unique sound, so you should act decisively but deliberately.

In addition, it is essential to remember that the arsenal of experienced fighters usually includes tactical headsets that can suppress shooting noise and amplify footsteps, which allows them to distinguish even the most cautious opponents in various noises.

The movement speed in Escape from Tarkov can be divided into three types:

  • Perform a slow walk immediately by pressing Caps Lock or using the mouse wheel-there is a stride indicator in the lower-left corner of the screen. Lower its value according to the situation.
  • Normal walking does not require any adjustments-the character moves at an average speed by default. However, this will be affected by the weight of the armor worn.
  • Traditionally, running is done by pressing the Shift key, which consumes stamina, and fighters use energy to aim and shoot. It is essential to assess distance, whether you have enough life to throw or whether it is worth taking a breath in the bushes. In addition, running makes a lot of noise.

In addition, there are two more valuable actions in Tarkov:

  • Pressing Alt+Q/E at the same time will trigger a step to the side, which is divided into two types in turn: the hotkey makes the character one step to the side, and then he will immediately return to his position; when you hold down the key combination, the fighter will freeze at all. Select the location until you release the button.
  • If you press the C button at a sufficient speed during the sprint, a slip will occur. In this case, the character will suddenly cling to the ground, but he will slide in the running direction after some time due to inertia. You can also suddenly enter a prone position, which is helpful if you are under attack while throwing.


Stealth and tactical advantages can not only be achieved through the ability to move in stealth. It would help if you also positioned yourself correctly. In addition to the movement mechanism, the ability to change the fighter’s position also provides players with the flexibility needed to fight on any terrain and adds to the atmosphere.

Warriors have three regular poses, each of which has its speed of movement:

  • An upright player can move quickly, but at the same time, it makes a lot of noise and is visible from a distance.
  • The crouching fighter is at least twice as low, which makes it difficult to spot. At the same time, his movements are tolerable but much quieter.
  • The prone shooter is almost invisible, especially on the grass, and his accuracy is significantly improved. It should be noted that there is a lot of noise when crawling, so it can only be hidden by staying still.

However, if you press C and rotate the mouse wheel, you can freely manipulate the height of the squat, such as gently rising above the lid.

Another essential skill that often appears in modern shooting games, but is undeniable in Takov, is peeping. If your shield becomes a tall fence, the best option is to stick out from behind it with the barrel cocked gently. I think there is no need to talk about the advantages of this technology.

When you hold Q or E, your fighter will bend in the selected direction. As another method of peeking, you can use the horizontal steps above.


The weapon in Tarkov is your only argument, and we will prepare a separate article later. What you choose to raid is entirely on your shoulders. The wild exception-they have a set of random equipment.

To make the most of the weapons, you should be confused about the modifications and learn how to use them properly. Fine-tuning the guns is an integral part of the game, making Takov different from other conversational shooting games.

When choosing a modification, it is essential to consider many factors, such as the range of the cannon you want to use, if you wish to use it to hit the body armor, or plan to shoot unprotected head wilderness.

The choice of optics is also mainly based on personal preference and playing style, but aiming and shooting in Takov is much more effective than shooting from the hips. It is also essential to consider that sometimes you have to hit up close, especially on maps with limited space experiments.
When choosing the type of ammunition, you should understand that the best is a good enemy. If you are not going to fight against heavy forces alone, it may be cheaper and wiser to choose a cartridge with less armor penetration potential but more physical damage.

Take the type and number of stores seriously. You raided in a tense firefight. All you need is an empty speaker. Remember, you can also deliberately install different types of ink cartridges and switch as needed


There are many options for equipment in Escape from Tarkov, from body armor and hats to jackets and backpacks. Organizing your equipment during a raid will increase your chances of survival and allow you to take more garbage from there.

It is essential to understand that your level of protection depends on the level of armor you choose. Therefore, Class II armor can hardly protect you from rifles, and Class VI armor can withstand almost any blow, except for large-caliber armor-piercing bullets.

Another innovative device is a head guard. In Escape from Tarkov, your bowler hat is divided into five collision zones: the top of the head, the back of the head, the ears, the chin, and the eyes. Different helmets will cover other parts of it.

When choosing equipment, you will face three factors: availability, quality, and price. Expensive equipment can hold many shops, medicines, loot and protect you from various threats. Still, it is difficult to obtain if you have a low reputation among merchants and insufficient funds. On the other hand, cheap equipment will not protect you, nor will you take many valuable things from the raid, but it is easier to obtain, especially in the early stages of the game.

In addition, the use of cool cannons and cheap equipment is an unreasonable risk. It is possible to fall in battle and lose everything, including good weapons. Don’t hesitate to search for the corpses of killed enemies. The same wild animals often encounter perfect backpacks, and ragged players are likely to find cool weapons on the way.


Insurance allows you to return items in the event of death unless, of course, other players pick them up. If you are going to conduct a raid and the path does not lead to the laboratory, be sure to secure your equipment before the hall entrance. In order not to miss anything, a “make sure everything” button is provided.

Two providers currently provide this type of service: ensign insurance is cheaper, but it takes 24 to 36 actual hours to return the product, and it needs to be picked up from the post office within two days; the therapist charges one and a half times the fee, but the refund will be 12 You will have seven days to disappear from the mail.


You start a raid with 435 health points, divided into seven body parts: head, chest, abdomen, legs, and arms. The indicator lights show the status of each element in three colors: gray, red, and black.

Gray means everything is normal, or the limbs may be slightly affected. Red means you need treatment, black means you have lost treatment and cannot get off the car with bandages. The game provides various types of wounds and injuries, and medications that you must deal with.

  • You may not always be able to save this situation with drugs, so the best way to keep your limbs is definitely to be careful in battle.
  • If you lose your legs, the character will have problems walking, running, and aiming.
  • If you lose your hand, it will be difficult for fighters to aim and collect loot. The weapon will shake in your hand, which will seriously affect the accuracy of shooting.
  • If the bullet hits the stomach, your character will become dehydrated and cough, which will attract enemies.
  • Bandages can prevent blood loss but have no healing effect on wounds. First aid kits are a common choice.

Pleasure is not cheap, but under the influence of drugs, your character will be able to move normally and will not suffocate due to severe injuries. If you do lose a limb, painkillers, morphine, and other stimulants will come in handy. Look for them on the edge of the map and try to bring them to your every raid.

Blackened limbs can also be repaired with a field surgical kit, but after use, the body part that is cured has only one healthy unit, so it is essential to use it in combination with other drugs. In any case, it is impossible to heal the wound on the spot completely. Fighters will need to rest and recover in the shelter.


Each map has several exits, through which you can complete the raid. To view the available escape points, press O twice. The exit point will vary depending on the attack, where you were born, and the fighter you are playing.

Some exits are open during the entire conference, while others are only open at certain times-they are indicated by question marks. You can use the feature lights and searchlights to navigate whether there is an exit, and the green smoke can also be used as an indicator.

Sometimes a ransom is required to evacuate, and maps such as laboratories, protected areas, and interchanges may require special measures to enter the exit.

If the name of the evacuation point is written in red, it means that someone has left. If it is green, it means that you are nearby but not close enough.

When you find yourself in the territory of the evacuation zone, a timer will appear in the upper right corner, and when you reach zero, you will immediately leave the area. The time can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes.