Best Tips in Area of FIFA 20

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Area of FIFA 20

1. Use the L2/LT button to shield the ball when the opposition is closing you down, and this will make your player put his body between the ball and the man trying to tackle you. Make sure you tap the button then release, to get some distance between you and the defender, when you’re through on goal. Use it in a variety of situations, when you’re controlling balls from the air – hold L2 if you’re under pressure. This was a new feature for FIFA 18, built on for 19 and is still in FIFA 20;

2. Use the driven pass (hold R2 and the pass button). This will help you to switch the play without the long, looping pass and instead, will drive a ball just off the floor. Use this to get turning the game quickly from side to side or into your strikers’ feet. If you hold L2 & R2 together when you’re playing a series of driven passes, this will help the controlling players touch and enable you to move the ball quicker;

3. Flick the ball on when challenging for headers with defenders. ONLY USE THIS if the opposition has one player upfront (the player challenging for the ball). Push into the defenders back (using a left stick) and then flick the ball on, you must use the pass button;

4. Through balls and driven through balls are one of the most dangerous methods of attack now that EA has fixed the passing and they’re tough to defend if mastered, especially now you can add a curve to these balls;

5. Get used to using the speed boosts all around the pitch. In particular, the face-up dribble and the ball roll speed boost. This will allow you to create space and slow the tempo of the game before injecting a lethal burst of pace;

6. Be sure to use the driven shot when there is space for your player to do so.

7. If the ball is played in and a defender is getting tight roll him using the R2 dummy. Works brilliantly especially in and around the edge of the box and on the wings.

8. Try not to cross/shoot/pass when a defender is pulling at your shirt/shoulder; it affects the accuracy and power of the shot/cross/move hugely.


10. Use your key/best technical players to focus your playthrough — e.g., Kroos at Real Madrid.

11. Be patient in your build-up, and this is more important than ever on FIFA 20 with the AI of defenders being so kind.

12. Work 1-2 passes in all areas of the field to make your movement challenging to track but try with your strikers mainly but don’t always play the play to the runner as this is what the opposition will expect.13. Use the left stick to maneuver your player in front of defenders or to push them off balance when heading the ball.

14. Double-tap/spam the shoot button when your player is moving onto the ball with an open goal. This will help keep the ball low and stop you blazing over the bar.

15. Mix up your crossing style and be sure to use the reverse crossing technique.

16. Use fake throw-ins to keep possession of the ball. They’re performed in the same way as a phony cross or shot. The lobbed pass or cross button works well as they take a small run-up before the fake so you can then pick out spare man.

17. Get to know the players in your squad ASAP. Try to learn their weak foot ability and their skill move ratings. This will make you a more effective player.

18. GK’s struggle to get down to downward headers and driven shots so be sure to make sure you’re using this method of shooting.

19. Practice the penalties on skill games before you play online.

20. Make use of skills just been on right stick now as they’re far more comfortable to perform. Use the brand new skill section to help. Practice in the arena with no defenders, practice offline and then take to online to perfect skill moves one by 1.