Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Inspired By Pokemon GO

Of course, the team behind Final Fantasy can not resist taking an April Fool Out. And normally, I save myself posting the numerous fake news here every year, but if a studio is so anxious for an April Fool’s joke, I like to go with it.┬áIf you need gils in game recently, you will want to join in our activity to get the 5% off code and buy cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL. Just mark the time and join in our activity on time.

For example, Final Fantasy XIV Online GO announced a fake companion app for Final Fantasy XIV. As the team explains in the video, players love to collect resources in Final Fantasy XIV. This is currently only possible at home in front of the console or the PC. And here comes the app into play.

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO, inspired by Pokemon GO, lets you march around the area to gather resources in the real world. For this, even a gadget was developed in which one can put the smartphone, for example, to use it as a hoe. This should be able to collect raw materials more effectively.

Sounds stupid? It is. So stupid that we would wish the app was real. Here is the great fake video for the fake app: