Madden 18: EA’s Foray Into A Mode Tries To Make Fan’s Dream A Reality

Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, having led the New England Patriots to five Super Bowl titles. Brady will turn 40 before the 2017 NFL season, his current contract runs through the 2019 season. EA decided to take away the majority of AI nonsense in favor of allowing users to face-off against each other in order showcase their skills. EA is leaving the previous consoles behind. Further information about Madden 18, reference from here.

Madden 18

EA’s new foray into a story-driven mode tries to make every NFL fan’s dream a reality. Longshot mode chronicles the story of a top high school football star out of Texas whose goal of turning pro falls short during his college years. New to the Madden Franchise, this simple, but brilliant add-on allows players to dive into a regular season NFL game in real-time. You can also resume your season in Franchise Mode and it will reflect all the current stats and records in the current NFL.

According to the Madden Curse, players making the cover of the popular video game have had tough times that particular season. Brady serve as the cover of Madden 17, other players have done well. Richard Sherman played great the year he was showcased on Madden 15, but the Seahawks lost in the final seconds of the Super Bowl to the Patriots. Madden 18 is in a lot of ways a more polished and refined version of its predecessor.

While the Longshot mode is worth a play-through, the replay value is quite low since it’s anticlimactic once your redemption story is complete. Franchise Mode and MUT Squad more than make up for any deficiencies exhibited by Longshot Mode and will quickly command hours of your time and attention. The gameplay mechanics remain status quo, but this year’s iteration seems to strike a fair balance between offensive firepower and defensive playmaking. Here’s everything you need to know about :