Blader Gets Close To Enemies And Deals Damage While Boosting Himself

After Closed Beta Test of MU Legend, the game was improved a lot, however, Webzen is warming up the community with new gameplay information. When looking back on the previous twice CBT, Webzen focused on fixing the issues encountered, mostly related to the localization, and continue the work to move on to the open beta. Don’t forget that you can buy MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling with professional delivery service.

MU Legend

As one of character class in MU Legend, Blader, also called the Damage Dealer, Blader gets close to enemies and deals a huge amount of damage while boosting himself with his weapons and abilities. In MU Legend, your enemies will know that a Blader joined the fight due to the multiple battle cries and roars that they will hear. The strength of this class can be seen and felt in any movement he does, so see more at U4GM and decide if this class fits you.

This new beta will be available in six languages: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese and English. It will be the very first launch of a game MU in different languages. Enjoy more at any time, welcome to go U4GM, and you can see various announcements, news and other information about the upcoming Open Beta, source from here.

With this launch, It’s said to that players from around the world will be able to cross the gates of MU continent and discover the latest episode of the MU franchise. Global developer and publisher Webzen has teamed up with MMO culture. The game starts with creating a character, then we go into world to seek quests to complete, treasures to find, and enemies to kill.