Waiting For Hector? Let’s See The Black Market In Albion Online

For all those who are waiting for Hector, know that the Black Market, the big novelty of this ultimate update before the official launch of the game, becomes more precise and reveals a little more in the video of developer, available a few days on the site of Albion Online.


We had already mentioned the Black Market quickly in a previous article, it was to make sure that it is the players who provide the drops on the mobs and in the chests, through a Black Market, held by an NPC corrupt. The picture is appealing, interesting and full of promise, but what is it really and in detail?

The Black Market, therefore, will work a bit like a Hotel Sales, except that it is the players who will buy your creations, but the mobs and the famous corrupted NPC. The aim of this new system is not to replace the Standard Hotel Sales and to send all your manufactures in, but actually to lighten the HV a little, but also, and above all, to be able to offer of drops on mobs.

Many will have noticed it, but mobs do not loot equipment (or very rarely) equipment, but essentially Essences, Runes, and money. For many players, being able to recover equipment on a monster would be interesting, but Albion’s teams did not want the loops on the mobs to create an imbalance in the game trade, because as you probably know, all the equipment, from the simplest to the most complex, is created by the players, nothing comes from nothing. This means that loops of already crafted items are not conceivable under these conditions.

However, this new system will allow crafty players to be able to empty their bank a little, while making those who spend their lives on the roads to enjoy the mob.

“In Albion Online, gear constantly gets destroyed through PvP. This is especially the case for high tier items, causing lower tier items to accumulate in the economy. In order to create a genuine lower tier sink, we have made the Black Market trader somewhat corrupt.”

The drops will be deposited on the Black Market and a sale price will be attributed to them through the economy of the game in various ways:

“Whenever a mob is killed, there is a chance a buy order is generated for the Black Market. Once there are a certain number of active buy orders for an item, the Black Market will start increasing the price of the item. […] As a crafter, you have the option to sell directly to the Black Market, or alternatively set up your own sell orders. […] When doing this, the Black Market will automatically purchase your item once the price has been reached. […] If a mob normally drops 100 silver, we take 20% of that dropped silver to create the buy order in the Black Market, and the mob will instead drop 80 silver.”

It should also be noted that some resources will no longer be available in loot, and mobs and chests will be dependent on the internal economy of the game, so if nobody deposits equipment at the Black Market, mobs will not loot any more. Because once again, the game will create nothing that will not encroach on the internal trade of the game, managed entirely by the players.

And that’s all the better, because that’s what makes the MMORPG rich.