In FIFA 15, waht’s role is your favorite love?

It’s getting up to that time of the year again with the TOTY set to be released in mid January, let’s have a look at what we can expect to see. Last year I correctly predicted 10/11 with that pesky Dani Alves sneaking in to the side.

This year I believe it is a lot harder to predict but here we go. The TOTY format is always in 4-3-3 and the shortlist can be found and if you have enough FIFA 15 coins, then you can also play a role in goalkeeper or forward etc.

If I were to personally select TOTY it would be as follows: Neuer, Alaba, Godin, Boateng, Lahm, Maria, Schweiny, Rodriguez, Messi, Ronaldo, Robben. However I do not and this is what I believe will happen through the current voting system which personally I believe needs a lot of work.

zzzzzzzzz Do you want to play a role in Goalkeeper or Forwards?

Manuel Neuer – GK – 90 OVR
There is only one man that could possibly get this spot and that of course is Manuel Neuer. Although the likes of Courtois and Buffon have had a brilliant seasons Neuer is just untouchable and that is likely to be the case for a few years yet.

Philipp Lahm – RB – 87 OVR
Lahm is in fact listed as a defender for the awards I think because of that we will see him in to this years side. After helping Germany to win the world cup and then retiring he will be one of the first defenders selected by many. I assume EA will make him a RB as they can’t really have a CDM card as a RB either way Lahm is a player that will no doubt feature in this years side

Sergio Ramos – CB – 87 OVR
Although Spain had a disaster of a World Cup Ramos will still make this team for what he managed with Madrid. Madrid may not have won the league however they did win the Champions League and Ramos played a massive part in that scoring multiple goals. Personally defensively I don’t feel that Ramos is the strongest however his reputation alone will be strong enough to see him in.

Mats Hummels – CB – 86 OVR
Hummels is a world class defender and is up there with the best for sure. He showed that with his performances at the world cup, managing to get himself on the score sheet alongside putting in a brilliant defensive display game after game. However Dortmund are really struggling this season with them currently battling relegation, not many could have predicted that one! The fact Hummels did not transfer in the summer could actually hinder his chances for this team however I feel he should and will be in the team this year.

Thiago Silva – CB – 87 OVR
This position should be claimed by Alaba for me however he is one of those players that can be classed as an unsung hero which I don’t think his nationality does him any favours either. Silva being the opposite with his reputation carrying a lot of weight in the current voting system and for that reason alone I believe that he will make the side.

Ángel Di María – CM – 89 OVR
First of all I disagree with these Midfielder selections however it’s what I believe will happen. After Di Maria’s massive transfer he will be on the mind of many players, especially after some brilliant world cup and league base performances. Maria was one of Madrid’s best performers last season and he has carried those performances over to United this season. He appears to add a spark to his side producing some amazing goals and assists.

James Rodríguez – CAM – 86 OVR
I could easily just leave this explanation as “World Cup Hype” No doubt that Rodriguez is an outstanding player but worthy of a TOTY slot I’m not sure. Will he get in however is another question. With his astonishing World Cup display before a big money transfer to Madrid there is no doubt in my mind that Rodriguez will feature in this years team.

Iniesta – CM – 89 OVR
Likely to cause a lot of controversy but I believe that Iniesta will be this years Dani Alves. What I mean by that is there is no way that Iniesta deserves to be in this team but because of his past and his reputation it will carry him into the team. The midfielders as a whole were very hard to select this year however. I was personally hoping that Robben would have been in the midfielder section.

Cristiano Ronaldo – LW – 92 OVR
Not that Ronaldo needs much of an introduction but Ronaldo the reining Ballon D’or holder and for me should win it this year as well. With 32 goals in the 2014/2015 season alone stats don’t lie.

Lionel Messi – CF – 93 OVR
Just like Ronaldo I feel that while Messi is still playing he will always be included in this team. His reputation is massive around the world and from watching him play you can see why. Moments of magic happen on a game by game basis and thats not something you can say about many other players. Messi has also broken several more records this year and although they will be broken by Ronaldo soon they are Messi’s records as it stands.

Luis Suárez – ST – 89 OVR
First of all I strongly disagree with Suarez being able to claim this award after being out half the season through his own accordance. Fifpro however have decided to allow him into the voting and I am predicting what the players will predict. Suarez’s name will be on the minds of many as although he has moments of stupidity there is no doubt that he is an unbelievable player. I personally believe that Muller should claim this spot however I doubt he will.