FIFA 15 has improved on the old bag of tricks

You may know that FIFA 15’S  goals come in bunches. The passes are crisp and fresh. Sounds from the crowd swell with the sounds of the soccer game below.”FIFA 15″ makes all of this happen, putting gamers right in the middle of what seems to be a real-life soccer experience.

The game  has done what the latest round of FIFA games have done — improved on the old bag of tricks to make an even better gaming experience than in previous years. While playing matches in any of the many modes the game has, players will see their passes and player movements echo those of real life. When a player receives a ball, the first touch is vitally important, much like it is during actual soccer games.

The game also has some stellar modes for its players to use. “Career mode” is back with a new setup and dynamic, making it even more of a challenge for teams to sign players and convince players to stay. The mode also allows managers to pick through their lineups with suggested substitutions, and truly gives the user full managing experience for their respective clubs.

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All the other traditional modes are back. “Ultimate Team,” where users play online with players they can pick up, trade and sign, is as strong as ever. “Tournament” mode is at its peak, too.

And one of the biggest strengths of this year’s game is that the game will have some downloadable content with many FIFA 15 coins coming your way that Major League Soccer fans will find fascinating. This winter, expect to see the new MLS clubs Orlando City SC and New York City FC become available for download. That’s one awesome deal for MLS fans, since those clubs are debuting next spring.

All in all, “FIFA 15″ is yet another excellently made soccer game for the entire family to enjoy. Players will find it enjoyable to compete together with friends and family, bonding over the missed opportunities and the beautiful goals. It’s definitely worth considering this holiday season.

Game: “FIFA 15″

Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PC

ESRB rating: E