FIFA has always been the most loved and crazed soccer game

Every edition of FIFA comes with a promise of new features, improved dynamics and more indulging game play for the users and more often than not FIFA has managed to deliver on its promises. The latest launch, FIFA 15, also had raised the expectations of the people and the game holds well on most of them. Some of the top features of the game have been listed below.

Emotional Power of Players

The latest FIFA versions equip the players with emotional intelligence allowing them to react differently to different situations on and off the field, which is unique for each one. It brings the game closer to reality. The human side in the matches will be revealed when they score a goal, concede a penalty, get hurt, get a card and every other occasion which requires a show of emotion in the real world.

Improved Tactics and Skills

Players have been equipped with skills matching the level which they have in the real world, with a scope of improvement with practice and time. The team strategies have also been refined and adjusted as per the situation instead of just having computer controlled opponent strategy which is similar throughout the game. This makes the game more challenging and fun to play till the end as the opponent’s strategy is bound to change depending on whether they are one goal down or up.

Extra High Features and Viewing

All the efforts have been made to make the game seem as close to the real world as possible. This is true whether it is the cheering of the crowds, which changes depending on the match conditions, teams, place where it is being held, environment and the way one team advances over the other. The minute features which are highly noticeable in this version are the wear and tear of the ground over the span of the game, more so during the rains when the foot mark are quite visible all over the pitch. Also, the goalkeeper’s side and the corners have more of the wear and tear effect than at other places, showing the reality in the game.Now click here.