How to Use Less health and Mana Potions

The ArcheAge allows you to create potions and you always need potions. Healing potions, mana potions, potions of physical protection,magical defense, attack speed which can be crafted by alchemist and sold to other players. Crafting potions is a rather way to make some ArcheAge Gold. During the open test, there are lots of ArcheAge Newbie complaint the mana and health potion is not enough at the beginning. To challenge a boss, you need to cost several potions each time.

aa potions

As you can see from this table,to craft various potions need lots of money and time. At the beginning stage in ArcheAge, we have less gold and limited labor point, how can we use options easily? Now, we are glad to share several methods to use less health and mana potions in ArcheAge!

1. To use control skill:
The melee class can use the control skill to control the monsters. Actually, the melee class are less to use the health potions. They armed with the plate set items which has high defense, the monster are hard to destroy it.

2. To choose right equipment:
Even though you are the assault in ArcheAge, you still need equip with plate set items. The leather set items wouldn’t increase your DPS. Although the leather set items can increase the attack speed, to level up you need rely on plate set items to increase defense.

3. To take use of topography:
In the ArcheAge, the topography is an important factor you should take consideration. For example, when you are attacking the monsters on the bridge, before the monster approach to you, just jump off the bridge and the monster would follow you. At that time, basically the monster has died.

4. To make team:
The best way to save potions is make team in ArcheAge! Not only it can increase the efficiency to finish monster and quest, but also it can reduce the consumption of mana and health potions.