WildStar Crafting guide for all tradeskills

AS it is known to all that In Wildstar Online are nine TradeSkills at this moment:
Tailor,Architect,Mining,Outfitter,Armorer,Weaponsmith,Survivalist,Relic Hunter

wildstar -tradeskills

Also there are 3 hobbies at this moment:

Each hobby will help you with the crafting profession you chose and will supply you with ingredients for your crafting recipes.You will have just 2 active crafting professions at one time.All crafting professions are fully explained in our crafting guide. Anyway you can rotate them anytime for 25 gold or maybe more depending on how high is your tradeskill at that moment. ( during live game the amount of gold required to change the active crafting profession may change).Your first rotation of crafting professions is free and. Also you can change your active crafting profession only one time during 24 hours and all the progress in that profession will remain.

You will start your first 2 tradeskills at level 10 by making your call quest to crafting from your Datachrone. Once you chose your tradeskills you will receive also your Starter Schematics. Schematics permit players to craft the fundamental elements for their selected tradeskill and also will aid them throughout their crafting tasks.

By completing your crafting quests and achievements, with the help of our crafting guide you will get other schematics to help you leveling your crafting profession. Also if you complete quests from your crafting board you will be rewarded with great experience in your tradeskill advancement.

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