The different skills about eso crafting offer varying levels of complexity

elderscrolls guide
elderscrolls guide

The Elder Scrolls Online offers you choices at every turn, and the crafting system is no
exception. Whether you want to focus on becoming a master crafter or you just want to have a few
helpful buffs as you adventure, we have just the right fit for you. Because the system is so
diverse, we wanted to share some things you might not know to help get you excited to create
your own items, food, potions, and more in ESO.

One thing you’ll notice about the crafting in ESO is that the different skills offer varying
levels of complexity. We want you to be able to get something out of crafting even if you aren’
t making it your character’s focus. And, conversely, if you want to invest a lot of time and
effort, we want the rewards to be worthwhile. To that end, each craft is different. Provisioners
simply find recipes and ingredients throughout the world, and they can cook or create drinks as
long as they have a recipe and the corresponding ingredients. Enchanters and alchemists will
need to experiment a little more, discovering the traits of ingredients or the meanings of
runestones. Finally, smiths (the most complex) can create weapons and armor, learn different
racial styles, discover secret crafting stations that impart set bonuses, deconstruct items to
learn new traits, improve item quality with boosters only they can obtain, and make tons of
decisions about the items they craft. No matter how invested you are in crafting, there’s
something for you.

Something else we want to ensure is that crafting is more than just gathering up your materials,
selecting “Create All,” and walking away for a while. You’ll want to pay attention to each
item you produce. Whether you’re an alchemist experimenting to find the perfect potion to
enhance your skills, an enchanter unravelling the rune language, or a smith in search of the
perfect set of Orcish armor, you’ll be making choices every time you craft.

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