Enjoy all the fun memories and content in Runescape Gold

We are enjoy again all the fun memories and content we’ve enjoyed as we have processed through the years . However there are also certain things not as enjoyable .

1.Pretend our site worker ,lied big bonus offering
Most of our customers came across this situation : when we done trade in game ,some guy talk with u said i am fromrs gold,pls give u money to me , we will offer u 5% bonus ” PLs ATTENTION ! that is really big scammer .as u can see our site has offering very cheap price ,5%bonsu that is really a big lie. btw our trader never talked in game . so if u meet such situation . just ignore it THAT is BIG scam!

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2.Trust Trades
A player will tell you to trade them your most expensive item and they will return it to you – then say the person who trades the most expensive item wins a huge prize! This is a SCAM. These scammers will often be surrounded by friends who will tell you that they recently won a massive amount of money. Avoid this at all costs.

3.Set your pass.word to […] and log out for free stuff.
Some time the scammer as u to set your pass.word to […] and log out for free stuff – If you do this, they will hijack your account (because they now know what your pass.word is) and steal anything valuable. Report players doing this for scamming.
4.Doubling rs gold
Some scammer say in game they can double ur rs gold and offer to prove it.sometimes they will simply offer to double it. U give them a small amount of money then they give u double the amont back , After u get a little trust them , they will try to get u offer them large amount but instead of doubling it , They will keep it .They may even use a friend to help, who will stand next to them saying something like ”OMG! He doubled my 100k!” or ”Wow! you really are legit”. It’s probably worth remembering that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. If you fall victim to this, it’s best to report the player for scamming.

Runescape gold 2007 is deserve your trust ,if u still want know more about selling acc details pls feel free to contact us !

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