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Albion Online: Gold Can No Longer Be Directly Traded Between Players


Sandbox Interactive launches a new patch for Albion Online practically focused against the fight of the sellers of Gold. To try to combat the purchase / sale of the coin of the game of illegal form, have realized some changes in the form to commercialize with the gold, And is that people with such a stand out in the table is able to sell their soul to the devil, put their account at risk and leave small fortunes to amass unsuspected amounts of silver with which to advance much faster than the rest, maintain buildings , Territories, etc.


The Albion team has banned more than 800 accounts that have purchased gold from third parties with stolen credit cards or Paypal data, making this a financial problem for all involved, the people to whom these cards belong, the banks and the devs . Therefore, measures against Gold Sellers have been strengthened in all respects.


Changes to Gold mechanics to reduce the ease of operations for Gold sellers:

  • Gold can no longer be directly traded between players
  • Gold can no longer be deposited in Guild accounts; we will remove Guild-level gold accounts in future
  • (Silver is unaffected by the above changes)
  • For more information, refer to this forum announcement

Increased maximum configurable price for real estate sales to 10m silver (does not affect auctions)
Temporarily changed mechanics so Dreaded players can disable their PvP flag, while we fix the issue where non-flagged players cannot heal flagged players in the black zone specifically (where flags should not matter)


Players participating in GvG battles are now exempt from being hidden in overloaded areas
Disabled the Android updater, as a temporary fix for keyboard issues at login screen, and potentially also some animation issues
Fixed some issues resulting from “Crafted by” data still being missing for items bought from older marketplace orders
Fixed an issue where crafting sounds did not stop correctly if crafting is cancelled
Fixed some issues with portal binding
Bridgewatch Marketplace now has a working exit to Bridgewatch

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Albion Online – The Five Game Features


Sandbox Interactive officially announced the availability of Albion Online on PC, following the complete deletion of beta servers to reset all players from scratch, which will be reintroduced slowly into the gaming world from the purchasers of the Legendary Founder Pack and the Legendary Starter Pack. As of today, access is also granted to Epic Founder and Starter and Veteran Founder and Starter.

albion game

Albion Online is an MMO characterized by a player-driven economy and a flexible system of classes based on their equipment. It also includes a PvP system through which the players’ guilds are constantly battling for the domain of the territory. Below is a list of key gaming features.

  • A story for every player: In the Albion world every character will build from whether their destiny, whether it’s becoming a legendary warrior or a capable blacksmith.
  • Gamers’ Economics: They are the players themselves to accomplish the objects that turn the world of gaming world.
  • Absence of classes: a development system that will not force players to follow a specific class. The system is baptized “You Are What You Wear”.
  • Guild Activities: Players can constantly connect and co-ordinate with members of their guild to expand their territory and change Albion’s political set-up.
  • A great community: with over 250,000 players in the beta alone.
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Albion Online Video: It Will Take Place Very Soon


The long-awaited official release of Albion Online is less than a week. Players crave it for many years and very soon it will take place. In honor of the release of the game, the developers prepared a new introductory video. He briefly narrates about the game world and background, setting the mood for the heroes who set foot on the land of Albion.

The game will be released on July 17. Albion Online is distributed on the model of buy to play, that is, you need to buy it only once, and then you can play as much as you like. Developers themselves are engaged in localization, so there is no need to worry about translation and competence of domestic publishers.

Before you make your fortune instead the word with danger around every where, you should make sure to stock up enough cheap albion online gold. Click here to visit our site.

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Albion Online: The Last Straight For The Founder Program

albion-online founder

The MMO Albion Online enters the final phase of beta and is preparing for a final launch on July 17th!

The launch of Albion Online is fast approaching! We told you what we thought of the Sandbox Interactive MMO a few months ago in a preview, and so we look forward to definitely embarking on the adventure. Meanwhile, if you have not yet taken advantage of one of the launch packs of the game, this is the time when ever! Indeed, the Founder Program of Albion Online will stop before the exit of the game, and you have until July 9 at 11 pm to be able to acquire one of them (or to improve yours to the top rank!).

The founder access offers a lot of advantages like Explorer’s mounts, or even unique avatar rings, but also gold coins. To reward the investment of its players in the beta of the game, Sandbox Interactive decided to upgrade by 10% the amount of your starting booty.

  • The Veteran Founders will be entitled to 2,200 Gold instead of 2,000,
  • The Epic Founders, will obtain 4,950 Gold instead of 4,500,
  • The Legendary Founders, will get 13,200 Gold instead of 12,000.

What a good start in this universe where the economy is fully owned by the players. The launch is approaching and the servers will be closed on July 9 and reopen on July 17. So you can still buy a Found Pack. Otherwise, you can always listen to the game director Robin Henkys talking about Albion Online.

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Albion Online Tips And Tricks On Playing Open World PvP


Are you interested in some open world PvP? You need to understand the basics before release. In this article, UpAlbion write a summary of some popular questions players would ask when they venturing into Albion Online.


Here are some strategies in open world PvP in general according to veteran players.

If you roam on your mount and see another player on a mount, you can create a great build to take down his horse with the dismount cooldown and no abilities.

Warbow, Mage Cowl, Assassin Jacket, Assassin Shoes (Shoes can be switched): Poison arrow, Speedshot, Magic Arrow on Bow; Poison on Cowl, Ambush on Jacket, Run on Shoes.

Requirement for the bow is to be level 40 but once you hit that, you can solo gank people if you play it well enough. You can dismount players by constantly putting poison on them and using speedshot/run to catch up to them.

Double Bladed Staff (same armor): First Q (not sure what it is called), Stun run, E. Tons of mobility with W, E and Run. Tons of cc with Q, W and E. Probably the best weapon to dismount because of the amount of lockdown and mobility you have. You lack damage but since people usually try to run away, all that matters is to have a way to stop them and/or catch up to them.

There are a few other builds that work in solo ganking but those two are the best at dismounting people. With other weapons, like Bloodletter or Dagger Pair, you are better off trying to find people who are already dismounted than trying to dismount them.

If you are in a group, you generally want a Double Bladed Staff because it is so good at dismounting and the low damage of it doesn’t matter when you have others in your group who can dps. A good setup is Double Bladed, Frost Staff (every fourth aa roots) and some form of dps, like a Bloodletter.

Their armor is really bad for fighting but really good for running so they will try to run away most of the time. If there is a big gear difference, they might try to fight you but that heavily depends on the person and the weapon they use. Some use a weapon to help them run away so they won’t fight you.

Have you found open world pvp profit-able? In team, solo, organized, or just roaming?

It highly depends how lucky you are at finding people and what gear they wear. One day you won’t find a single soul in 3 hours, another day you get 12 kills in the same time. Since your gear isn’t worth that much (because you don’t need to use any artifacts) you should easily break even unless you are constantly dying and losing your stuff.

In my opinion, ganking in a 2-man or 3-man squad is the most profitable. The money is easily shared and you can cover the most important weapons for ganking. If you gank with multiple people (5-9), you get a very low cut and run the risk of having other guilds send a group of their own after you. You are also less likely to take on bigger groups.

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Albion Online Just Published Hector Update Of Final Version

The latest update for Albion Online is a significant change in the design.

The final version of Albion Online will hit the market around mid-July. Developers, preparing for this memorable day, have just published another update of their venture.

The update called Hector is available from yesterday. If you’ve played Albion Online for some time, you’ll definitely notice a lot of important changes. If you have not yet started your adventure with the production, necessarily have a look at the footage below, and also the official site.

The most important changes are the modifications of Hellgates and Outlands, as well as the brand new Black Market, which combines the elements of PvE with the economy, which is completely in the hands of players and also the system of crafts. Hector is also a new mount and extensive tutorial.

According to the developers, Hector is the last major update of this type before the launch of Albion Online, scheduled for July 17. From now on, developers will focus solely on eliminating mistakes and fun.

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Waiting For Hector? Let’s See The Black Market In Albion Online

For all those who are waiting for Hector, know that the Black Market, the big novelty of this ultimate update before the official launch of the game, becomes more precise and reveals a little more in the video of developer, available a few days on the site of Albion Online.


We had already mentioned the Black Market quickly in a previous article, it was to make sure that it is the players who provide the drops on the mobs and in the chests, through a Black Market, held by an NPC corrupt. The picture is appealing, interesting and full of promise, but what is it really and in detail?

The Black Market, therefore, will work a bit like a Hotel Sales, except that it is the players who will buy your creations, but the mobs and the famous corrupted NPC. The aim of this new system is not to replace the Standard Hotel Sales and to send all your manufactures in, but actually to lighten the HV a little, but also, and above all, to be able to offer of drops on mobs.

Many will have noticed it, but mobs do not loot equipment (or very rarely) equipment, but essentially Essences, Runes, and money. For many players, being able to recover equipment on a monster would be interesting, but Albion’s teams did not want the loops on the mobs to create an imbalance in the game trade, because as you probably know, all the equipment, from the simplest to the most complex, is created by the players, nothing comes from nothing. This means that loops of already crafted items are not conceivable under these conditions.

However, this new system will allow crafty players to be able to empty their bank a little, while making those who spend their lives on the roads to enjoy the mob.

“In Albion Online, gear constantly gets destroyed through PvP. This is especially the case for high tier items, causing lower tier items to accumulate in the economy. In order to create a genuine lower tier sink, we have made the Black Market trader somewhat corrupt.”

The drops will be deposited on the Black Market and a sale price will be attributed to them through the economy of the game in various ways:

“Whenever a mob is killed, there is a chance a buy order is generated for the Black Market. Once there are a certain number of active buy orders for an item, the Black Market will start increasing the price of the item. […] As a crafter, you have the option to sell directly to the Black Market, or alternatively set up your own sell orders. […] When doing this, the Black Market will automatically purchase your item once the price has been reached. […] If a mob normally drops 100 silver, we take 20% of that dropped silver to create the buy order in the Black Market, and the mob will instead drop 80 silver.”

It should also be noted that some resources will no longer be available in loot, and mobs and chests will be dependent on the internal economy of the game, so if nobody deposits equipment at the Black Market, mobs will not loot any more. Because once again, the game will create nothing that will not encroach on the internal trade of the game, managed entirely by the players.

And that’s all the better, because that’s what makes the MMORPG rich.

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Last Development For Albion Online Published

Sandbox Interactive, a developer firm, has recently released a new developer video, with Albion Online’s official release shortly after.

Robin Henkys, Game Manager of the published video company, shared details about the Hector update. With the previous Galahad update, significant changes were made in the Outlands regions. However, there are a few minor changes with Hector.

Access to the Outlands with the update will only be made from the city of Caerleon. The gate in the middle of the city will work within certain constraints and will try to avoid the concentration in a single region.

For more information about this and many other updates to the Hector update, you can check out the video below at the official site of UpAlbion. Albion Online will make its official debut for PC on July 17th.

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Albion Online Is To Be Launched On July 17

The news came out in February but I consider that you have not been given the hype that deserves this new multi-platform MMO and really if you are looking for something more hardcore and different this can be your game. Albion Online is the first true cross-platform MMO experience available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It brings together all the characters on a main server hosting a giant and ever-growing world. You choose how to advance in your adventure: at home or on the road! And also totally in Castilian.


What Is Albion Online?

Albion Online is an open world MMORPG set in medieval fantasy. It has an economy totally driven by the players; All team elements can be made by the player. You can freely combine armor parts and weapons in our unique classless system – you are what you use. Explore the world and face the challenging PvE content. Get involved with other small and large-scale PvP adventurers and conquer territories. Gather. Creates. Trade. Conquest. Leave your mark on the world.


Action JCJ
Test yourself in the intense PvP combat where you will face the most celebrated warriors in the open world of Albion. Equip yourself, collaborate with others and send the enemy far from the battlefield! Only the most skilled fighters will be victorious!

Guards Of Guardians
You can conquer the vast world of Albion Online on your own! To dominate a territory implies protection against the dangers of nature. It also provides space to build villages and gain valuable resources. Claim yours, grow your empire and protect yourself from the invaders!

Combates JCE
Hunting monsters is more than just a hobby in Albion Online. The creatures you face give you the resources you need to create weapons and objects. Arm yourself well: The world is full of ferocious beasts, and only the real heroes will be able to defeat them!

Do you need to rest from the stress of fighting for your life, but supporting your guild? Retreat to your own private island on the coast of Albion. Build and maintain a farm with crops, animals and new buildings. Produce food to cover the military expenses of your guild, or sell it to the market and keep the profits!

Discover, Collect, Hunt.
To erect the largest cities and to forge the most lethal weapons, you will need resources … and not a few precisely. Search for each corner to find the most precious and rare materials. But beware: your enemies are looking for the same!

Create Your Own Weapons And Armors.
Each player forges their own destiny! Whether it’s a powerful armor, a magic stick or a robust tool package, you can create it with your own hands; It is the player who marks the economy! So look for the nearest anvil and begin to forge objects.

Take Your Possessions Throughout The World.
There are many ways to transport goods across the wide world of Albion. Carry everything on your faithful mule and get on the road! But beware: a full carriage is a slow carriage, and that makes it an easy target for thieves. Protect your merchandise!

Commerce With Your Property In Local Markets.
Do you have so many resources and objects that you do not know what to do with them? Or maybe you’re looking for a particular sword? Approach the local market, where many merchants await you ready to provide you with everything you need.

Player Accommodation
Build your house and decorate it to your liking! Fluffy beds, tables full of food, gruesome hunting trophies … Furniture not only makes your home a home, but each object brings different bonuses and skills to your character.

Your Particular Corner In Albion
Do not leave without your particular corner. Choose from more than 20 different buildings to make your plot evolve into a functional city! Whether military, industrial or residential, think about how you want to use the precious building land; Do it effectively and you will expand your empire.

Destination Table
To create the perfect character you need to know all the ways that fate can take you. And that’s where the destination table comes into play! The table of destiny shows you everything you are and everything you could be … And that’s a lot! Step forward and choose your own path.

No Classes Or Restrictions
Forget everything you know about the other MMOs. At Albion Online there are no classes; Therefore, you can equip yourself with whatever you want, without restrictions. Experiment to design and create your ideal character: in Albion Online you are what you wear!

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Albion Online – Hellgates In A New Look

Sandbox Interactive reworked the Hellgates of the Sandbox-MMORPG Albion Online. These zones, especially designed for PvP battles, are already an extremely popular element among the players. Nevertheless, the Berlin development studio sees potential for improvements and has therefore revised the Hellgate. The new goals are to be implemented with the next content update and contain a completely new map layout, three different types of Hellgates as well as various improvements to the underlying game mechanics.


Sandbox Interactive wants especially that the battles within the Hellgate are more fair. Up until now, for example, groups of players could completely avoid the encounter with another group or wait for the opponents at the entrance. In addition, it was possible to pull monsters into the PvP battles again and again. These weaknesses are based on the mechanics of the game and can not be eliminated with small patches. Sandbox Interactive has therefore decided to rework the basement doors.

Albion Online is currently in the final beta phase, the official launch is scheduled for July 17, 2017. Albion Online gold are essential for players to buy items in game cause we need Albion Online currency to buy gears and items for our characters. A simple and quick way to buy Albion Online Gold is provided by UpAlbion, so does Albion Online power leveling service.

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