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Path of Exile Basic Class: Gems Tags and Game Basics Guide

Gems Tags and Game Basics

Gems Tags and Game Basics


Many new players who join the Path of Exile game will have questions similar to the following:
“Is this physical damage or spell damage?”
“How many monsters can this spell attack at one time?”
“Can Chaos Damage Critical?”
These kinds of questions are actually very difficult to answer because the questions themselves are wrong, we have to start with the game mechanics

In order to facilitate understanding, I will first group Skill Gems by tags to roughly categorize active skills by action type:
1. Attack (including finely classified tags such as an attack, melee, bow, and arrow)
2. Spell
3. Special Actions (Basically Illegal Casting Skills, War Cry, and the like-War Cry originally belonged to spells. Later, for game balance, GGG classified the War Cry separately. In this way, you ca n’t release the injury and release it firmly. War roar)

As you can see from the gem label, attack or spell, these are the two main categories that distinguish gems.

Then, let’s talk about the basic settings of the game.
In Poe, the output methods are divided into the attack, spell, and continuous damage.
This sentence can be seen in the tips during cut scenes. In fact, the “attack” and “spell” in this sentence are not the same as those in the gem label above, because the output mode of normalization is continuous damage but still belongs to spells. This sentence should strictly be speaking Yes: The output method is divided into hit attacks, hit spells, and non-hit continuous damage.
In short, the important thing to know is that attack and spell are opposites.
The specific types of damage are divided into physics, elements (three types of ice and fire), and chaos.
The output method and the damage type can be freely matched and combined.
In Poe, there can be physical attacks, elemental attacks, and chaotic attacks, as well as physical spells, elemental spells, and chaotic spells.
So please don’t bring in the common sense of other games and say:
“Is it physical damage or spell damage?”-Physical damage and spell damage are not in a concept, and they are not a relationship of “right and wrong”! There are physical spells in POE, such as knife array, knife rain, and shockwave totem!
“Is it a spell attack?” —— Spells are opposed to attacks, so strictly speaking, you ca n’t call it that in POE. It should be “Is it a spell output?” And “attack”, rather than the general term “attack” in common sense, includes “spells” and narrowly defined “attack” in POE, which is too confusing to say. So it is necessary to introduce the concept of “output”. In POE, please also try to avoid “my so-and-so spell attack power is too weak” This way of speaking still retains the general concept of “attack” in common sense.

Critical strikes are not critical strikes. They are determined by hit skills, that is, those attack and spell skills that are side by side with continuous damage.
Don’t come up with a damage type of “Chaos Damage” and ask if it can crit? The answer to this question is not to know! Because light comes out of the chaos damage type, it can’t tell what action effect it is, it may be a hit attack, it may be a hit spell, or it may just be continuous damage such as poisoning. When it is poisoned, there is no crit without hitting.

When it comes to hits, let’s talk about this setting again.
In this game, hits are common, and most attacks and spells are hit.
The hit of the attack depends on the hit rate.
For spells hit, the default hit rate is 100%. It still only needs contact to hurt. There are some slower projectiles. If you avoid it, you will miss the verdict.
In short, after the skill contacts the enemy, the hit judgment is made, and the hit judgment is successful, and then other probability judgments such as blocking and crit and the penetration chain related to the projectile are performed.

So which ones are hitless? Continuous damage, and certain floor skills (such as ice slow ground, burning ground, electric ground, etc.).
Continuous damage can be abnormal damage caused by hit skills, such as ignition, poisoning, bleeding.
It can also be the ability itself with continuous damage, such as Righteous Fire, Searing Bond, Searing Link Totem, Caustic Arrow, Soul Drain, and so on.
These continuous damages are hitless by themselves.
Please pay attention to the fact that the continuous abnormal damage caused by the direct damage caused by the hitting skill is also non-hit.

Let me repeat it here. I used a tongue-in-cheek statement to say “This sentence should be strictly speaking: the output method is divided into hit attacks, hit spells, and non-hit continuous damage.” It is to avoid confusion. For example, the fire of righteousness (hereinafter referred to as Righteous Fire) mentioned above has its own magic label. It belongs to spells in the action type of active skills (skill type for short). but! Its damage is non-hit continuous damage. This also resulted in that Righteous Fire can be released by injury, because its skill type is a spell, and what can be released by injury is spell; but Righteous Fire does not accept spell bonus, because, in the output mode, it is non-hitting type. Sustained damage.
So, here I distinguish the “attack/spell” in the output method from the skill type. When talking about the output method, it should be classified according to the hit or not, especially the hit attacks and spells. For example, the physical split arrow attack caused poisoning. This output should also be viewed in sections. It is divided into the attack/spell section of the hit type and the second section of the continuous damage. These are two different output methods. When talking about skill types, we directly say that the split arrow is an attack skill and Righteous Fire. It’s a spell skill.

The above is the basic setting of POE. We must first understand what an attack is and what a spell is before we can further study more advanced mechanisms of this game.

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The best way to Select Third-part site to purchase ps4 poe currency

Path of Exile is really a free-to-play action role-playing video game created and published by Grinding Gear Games.Ps4 version was released on 26 March 2019. Through the game, players require a lot of funds to create their characters more effective. The primary method to get the currency drops from monsters. That is a really boring factor. Many players pick out to obtain several of the needed currency. But PS4 Currency not Like Computer currency, Game in Pc have run extended time, so most of selling Poe currency can delivery smooth. But a few of my friend tell me Get Ps4 Currency will need waiting extended time plus the price is very costly. so here I’ll share you The way to opt for a great Poe Currency PS4 web site to buy Currency?


First of all, you need to discover which site gives PoE PS4 Currency, You are able to search “Poe PS4 Currency”, “Cheap PS4 Currency u4n”, “Buy Poe PS4 Currency” on google or bing. Then you definitely can discover some internet site provides Currency, Tips on how to decide on these web page to buy Poe Currency PS4 Frist time?

1. Evaluate the Cost
Path of Exile Currency is actually a virtual game item, so they do not possess the very same excellent difference. If we invest the same money to obtain extra dollars, why not do it? Locating an inexpensive site Some players will uncover it awkward, if you are the very first to buy a time for you to pick out a fantastic site is worth it. In case you do not want to take the time to discover a low-cost PS Currency website, I advise you to go to u4n. This website will be the greatest for both value and service. I have purchased Currency quite a few instances on this site.

2. Ascertain in the event the site is Legal
Earlier we said that there is no difference in the high-quality of Currency, but their sources are various. There are actually loads of items around the web-site that happen to be produced by Bot, especially on PCs. PS4 should really not have Currency created by Bot. If it really is judged irrespective of whether the goods sold around the internet site are legal? You may go to the third-party overview site around the internet site to see if there is a complaint in regards to the player’s title. If there’s any cheaper from the internet site, don’t buy it. There’s also a appear at no matter whether this website acquires the player’s excess Currency. When the acquisition indicates that they are not created by Bot, immediately, after all, the Currency made by Bot and also the currency value created by the player is surely a great deal less expensive. For those who get the website of Currency created by Bot, it truly is unlikely to gather the goods within the hands in the players.

3. Ask for the delivery time
When you have chosen to purchase Currency’s internet site, open the website’s Reside chat and ask them after they can get the Buy Currency. This way it is possible to feel the quality on the internet site and confirm how lengthy we are able to get Currency. If our challenge has not been lengthy Answer, or the answer is very vague, I suggest you nonetheless choose other sites.

4. Select the Secure Play strategy
When we make a payment, we try our ideal to decide on a secure third-party platform, like Paypal. This may ensure that we’ve got the correct to request a refund when we have got a dispute in regards to the order. Do not obtain anything on a website without a third-party safe payment platform

By performing the above four things, we can find a much better website to buy Poe Currency. For PS4 players, delivery is also a very troublesome factor. A couple of days ago my pal told me that I can exchange ps4 Currency. Web page clicks here. This site can also sell the currency we do not require, incredibly good, interested friends can go and see

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Path of Exile Blessed Orb Guides

Poe Blessed Orb is often a PoE currency item that can be utilized to re-roll values around the implicit modifiers on a piece of gear. This can only be utilized on an item that actually has implicit modifiers that will possess an array of values. Not an extremely well-known Orb since of its’ incredibly restricted usage. It randomizes the numeric worth of implicit properties of an item. Implicit properties would be the ones that happen to be on items irrespective of its’ rarity – and are shown just before the additional modifiers. Just about the most frequent implicit modifiers are found on rings and amulets, one example is, the “added physical damage” on Iron rings. Ordinarily, the Blessed Orb might be only capable to slightly modify an item. This tends to produce the Orb somewhat irrelevant for casual players. It really is ordinarily produced use of by high-level players to maximize the worth of this modifier on endgame products, but even then, frequently a few of them is adequate. Thinking of their drop price, these Orbs are frequently not worth substantially

PoE Blessed Orb probabilities
Utilizing blessed orbs as an instance for simplicity’s sake, the concept is usually extended to other things.
Let’s say we would like to get the max roll on a Marble Amulet. This amulet can roll from 1.2-1.6 for its implicit “% life regeneration”.
Assuming all rolls are equally probable (no explanation to consider they’re not), you could possibly roll 1.2, 1.3, 1.four, 1.5, 1.6.
So, the probability of obtaining the max roll with one Blessed Orb is 1/5 (20%). Ok, that is fine, but what if you would like to understand the probability of obtaining the max rolls using x quantity of orbs.
The common equation is:
1 – ((1 – probability of receiving max roll with one orb) ^ variety of orbs applied)
So, the probability of having max roll making use of the following quantity of blessed orbs is:
two orbs: 1 – ((1 – 1/5) ^ two) = 36%
3 orbs: 1 – ((1 – 1/5) ^ three) = 49%
4 orbs: 1 – ((1 – 1/5) ^ four) = 59%
5 orbs: 1 – ((1 – 1/5) ^ 5) = 67%
ten orbs: 1 – ((1 – 1/5) ^ ten) = 89%
20 orbs: 1 – ((1 – 1/5) ^ 20) = 99%

How you can Use PoE Blessed Orb

Poe Blessed Orb re-rolls the implicit modifier of an item. It can’t be made use of on items with no implicit modifiers or whose implicit modifiers do not possess an array of values. They cannot be utilized to alter implicit modifiers on corrupted items, mostly since such things cannot be modified in any way. As a result of their rarity and limited influence, Blessed Orbs are perfectly applied to improve high-end gear as an option to gear employed for the duration from the leveling course of action.
Blessed orb can not roll specifically the same implicit value that the original item had. When the present implicit worth is low, then on the standard you’ve got a lot better odds of rolling a higher implicit value. And vice versa.
For instance – when employing blessed orb on 9% Chaos resistance Amethyst Ring ordinarily you’d have 20% likelihood to roll 13% Chaos resistance. But because it will not be feasible to roll 9% you truly have 25% chance to get 13% resistance.

The implicit stat on an item could possibly be the bonus it has above the line for the rest of its stats. As an illustration, the life/mana bonuses on a paua/coral ring or the item rarity bonus within the white gold amulets.
So, for example, you may have got an Andvarius having a good roll of +68% rarity. The implicit rarity on it nonetheless, is only about 6%. You might possibly reroll that operating having a blessed to hopefully get an even bigger rarity bonus. e: this may not operate on a certain one of a sort with no implicit state, like a pair of facebreaker gloves.

Facebreakers With Blessed Orb
Facebreakers don’t have any implicit mods. You’d need to have to make use of a divine orb to reroll its explicit mods. we would not advise performing that simply because of divines price way more than just buying a new, superior Facebreakers.
Implicit mods are things like the +20-30% lightning resist on a topaz ring. That is what blessed orbs can reroll.

Legacy Uniques With Blessed Orb
The only change that was made to shavronne’s wrappings was around the explicit rolls (201-250% ES became 150-200%).
Rerolling the implicit spell damage mod with a blessed orb Will not impact the power shield roll, so you’re fine.

Trade Bless Orbs
Bless Orbs can be a lesser currency. Just before you are ready to change, visit the u4gm Currency Exchange rates to verify that Which currency is often changed to Bless Orbs, which saves you time for a trade.


Generally, they’re not worth the difficulty for factors which might be enough within the extended run. Though they may be useful for players who may possibly know practically nothing about the game. For probably the most component, they are understanding tools for newcomers to ease them into the game. For additional Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you may take a look at Just a reminder: you will get 5% coupon code free of charge in the reps in case you Get Poe Currency order from this short article.

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POE 3.3 Builds For Marauder Chieftain Triggers in Lastest and Detailed

Now, U4gm shares with you POE 3.3 Builds For Marauder Chieftain Triggers in Lastest and Detailed. U4gm as an expert Poe Currency net web page gives protected, quickly and economical Poe Orbs for you. With a lot more than ten years of excellence, we’ve served a massive number of clientele. Should you are hesitating precisely exactly where to get Poe Exalted Orb, U4gm will possibly be an excellent decision.


[POE 3.3 Cast whilst Channelling Assistance Build] Thermomix The second, WIP updating

The amazing Thermomix is stronger than ever, not merely the nerfs weren’t the lot, to begin with, (except for the 21% more harm cut from out the beloved Righteous fire) the pantheon method has established to become exceptionally potent in assisting us to sustain RF. Overall small has changed, most notably Righteous fire is now a really serious harm tool and not only a very good buff. The altar for the Burning harm assist has been astounding as we are in a position to run Elevated AOE in the location of Conc Impact.

-Rather a low price
-Scales properly with investment
-Regens Far more than double HP than RF could burn, can run even no regen maps with RF-enabled due to our insane leech with each other with the FB CWC FS setup.
-Very higher leech from Firestorm
-Can face tank most Phys/fire content
-Blood magic
-The harm is superior sufficient to clear higher level maps reasonably speedy
-Can be played with 1 hand

-Some may uncover the character a little sluggish
-Lightning thorns
-Damage is mediocre without having RF
-The harm can’t be scaled beyond a certain point
-No unwavering stance(May well be fixed obtaining a handful of points, private reference). Esh breach with -Max res is generally a recipe for Stunlock deaths
-May not be for newbies as I am lazy and aren’t explaining every small thing from twilight strand to Shaper

Hands down the best two are Soul of Tukohama And Arakaali. The former delivers us with 8% Phy’s damage reduction and 2% hp regen when we’re killing bosses( We like being stationary usually, even when not, the bonuses excellent even partially charged), though the latter provides us with a remarkable 5% decreased harm over time has taken which assists us to sustain RF, give us far more overkill regen for coping with sustained harm as well as a whopping 50% multiplier to our regen and wellness flasks when we pop our dousing flask or eliminate harm a lot more than time effects. In clutch scenarios, it really is going to bring us up to nearly 4k hp regen per sec.

Leveling Guide:
It may be pretty straightforward, we start off as a marauder, grab our flame totem and firestorm, rush to pick up the Blood magic keystone. As dumb as marauders are this is an ought to if since the mana cost early on could be truly penalizing in unique with tabula(Which I can genuinely propose as it assists the leveling method tremendously). At lv18 Our passive tree needs to look anything like This.

We are marching forward, Firestorming till we get to level 38 exactly where we are able to ultimately Equip our primary setup, which is Flameblast, cast although channeling, firestorm. Our tree is coming close to This we’re prioritizing deciding upon up our handful of harm nodes, as we arent but using doon nor RF to boost our harm.

We’re just about continuing to achieve this until Lv65, specifically exactly where we farm dried lake till we’ve enough currency to obtain our base things and level to utilize them. About this point we should truly do the initial 3 labs, providing us leech, considerably more regen, and totally free endurance charge generation.

Pob Hyperlink:
Skill Tree:
Instance Link:
[POE 3.3 Molten Burst Build]For Chieftain – Ngamahu Overloaded

25 to 50 flat life (prefix)
Add 7 to 12 flat physical harm to axe (prefix)
+# to Accuracy Rating (suffix)
#% improved Accuracy Rating for those who haven’t Killed Lately (suffix)
Add 15 to 40 flat fire harm (suffix)
Add 4 to eight flat physical harm (suffix)
2% elemental resistance penetration in case you have not kill not as well long ago (suffix)
#% enhanced harm against abyssal monsters (suffix)

25 to 50 flat life (prefix)
Add 7 to 12 flat physical damage to axe (prefix)
121+ to Accuracy Rating (suffix)
#% enhanced Accuracy Rating in case you’ve got not Killed Not too long ago (suffix)
2% elemental resistance penetration in the event you haven’t kill not too long ago (suffix)

Enhanced attack speed
Physical damage
Fire harm
Area damage
Elevated projectile harm
Max life
Harm more than time (ignite talent tree only)
Likelihood to ignite (ignite ability tree only)
Important strike chance
Resistance (need to you be missing)
Intelligence (if you are missing)

Ngamahu, Flame’s Advance – Hinekora, Death’s Fury – Arohongui, Moon’s Presence – Tukohama, War’s Herald

Soul of Solaris
6% Physical Harm Reduction if there’s only one particular nearby Enemy
20% likely to take 50% considerably much less Region Harm from Hits
8% decreased Elemental Harm taken in the event you have not been Hit Recently
Take no More Damage from Crucial Strikes for those who have taken a Vital Strike Lately
50% chance to avoid Ailments from Essential Strikes

Soul of Arakaali:
5% lowered Harm taken from Harm More than Time
10% chance to prevent Lightning Harm when Hit
50% elevated Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you have stopped taking Damage More than Time Lately
30% decreased Effect of Shock on you
30% lowered Shock Duration on You
+25% Chaos Resistance against Harm Much more than Time

Soul of Ryslatha:
Life Flasks obtain 3 Charges each 3 seconds inside the occasion you have not made use of a Life Flask Not too long ago
60% enhanced Life Recovery from Flasks utilized when on Low Life

Bandits: Kill all for two passives

Pob Hyperlink:
Talent Tree:
Instance Hyperlink:


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PoE 3.3 Fire Trap, Bear Trap and Lightning Trap changes

In this post discusses some changes to Fire Trap, Bear Trap, and Lightning Trap that Poe is currently experimenting with.

Fire Trap
The version of Fire Trap Poe are experimenting with no longer has a cooldown. The purpose of removing the cooldown is so that the skill can be used as often as required, alongside other traps that have cooldowns.

This version of Fire Trap also deals additional fire damage to burning enemies, which makes it great to use repeatedly on targets that are already in burning ground from a previous Fire Trap.

Poe is also altering the burning ground from Fire Trap so that it’s much more intense but only lasts a short time. Poe is still in the process of adjusting its values but Poe is working towards making it so that using the skill repeatedly on a higher health target will be worth the effort for both hits and burning.

While we don’t have any numbers to confirm yet, the skill’s damage and area have been slightly increased.

To keep the skill in line with the above changes, Poe is planning to change Fire Trap from a Level 1 starting skill to a Level 12 Skill. The current plan is that it would first become available from “The Siren’s Cadence” quest. Poe is planning for a new trap skill to take its place as a level 1 “Enemy at the Gate” reward. We also intend for this new trap skill to have no cooldown.

Bear Trap
Bear Trap is another skill that Poe is working on at the moment. In our current plan, it applies a debuff on enemies that increases the damage they take from traps and mines. The trap still does massive damage to the target triggering it. These two effects should make it a powerful tool for taking on bosses.

The skill will still immobilize enemies for a duration that’s based on how much damage the skill inflicts on them. Poe is currently testing out having it also apply a significant movement speed reduction for a short time after the immobilization phase has ended.

Bear Trap

Lightning Trap
Lightning Trap will also be losing its cooldown so that you can use it as much as you want, like Fire Trap.

In our test version, Lightning Trap has a higher base crit chance and gains a large increased critical strike chance against Shocked enemies which should give it a much stronger critical strike focus. Poe is making these changes while also working on a new trap-specific support gem that should synergize well with Lightning Trap.

Other changes
The new trap-specific support gem will give you a chance to generate both Power and Frenzy charges when your traps are triggered while simultaneously giving you a Critical Strike Multiplier for each Power Charge and increased Throw speed for each Frenzy Charge.

Poe is developing changes to the Shadow starting area and other trap clusters. The Shadow will be offered passives that increase all trap damage right away, rather than having to decide early on between using elemental or physical damage.

Poe is planning to introduce a number of new Trap skills alongside these changes, which we’ll reveal more about as their development progresses.

It’s worth noting that Poe is also planning to increase the active trap limit significantly but this is still undergoing testing to assess the risk of doing so.

There may be other changes to trap mechanics coming, but Poe is still discussing these options. It’s likely that we will reveal more about this as we announce the other upcoming trap skills and continue to keep you updated on our plans. Keep an eye out!

More Trap see Preparing for Seismic Trap build


Typically, they are not worth the trouble for motives which might be adequate in the long run. While they’re useful for players who may possibly know absolutely nothing about the game. For by far the most component, they are mastering tools for novices to ease them into the game. For more Path of exile 3.3 Builds, you can visit Just a reminder: you can get 5% coupon code at no cost in the reps in the event you Obtain Poe Currency order from this short article.


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PoE – GGG Floats Notion of ExileCon In November 2019

Do You Want A Trip to New Zealand late next year? If so, you might want to hold up your planning until Grinding Gear Games irons out all the details regarding ExileCon, its first Path of Exile convention, tentatively scheduled for November 2019.

ExileCon poe

For the moment, GGG is asking fans for input regarding the convention, including whether they’d come at all. The event would be held in GGG’s home of Auckland, New Zealand, which would make for expensive travel for most. If you do arrive, you’d be treated to expansion announcements, demo sessions, developer talks, tournaments, parties — all the usual frills that come with these kinds of things.

Here’s some of the stuff we would love to have at ExileCon:

  • Announcement of whatever the next large expansion is
  • Announcement of the 4.0.0 mega-expansion
  • A play area with computers set up for demos of all products announced
  • Talks from Grinding Gear Games developers about their areas of expertise
  • Finals of various tournaments
  • A Merchandise shop
  • Developer signing sessions
  • Some type of party
  • Swag bag potentially containing exclusive microtransactions and some physical items.
  • Feel free to suggest more ideas!

If you’d like to make your thoughts on ExileCon known, head over to the PoE forums to give your opinions on the show. For what it’s worth, a quick search for plane fares from my current location in the U.S. to Auckland the first weekend of this November yields prices in the $1,500 to $2,000 range. That would buy a whole lot of Supporter Packs. For more poe tips and tricks, stay tuned to U4GM. You can choose where you can poe currency purchase cheap.

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How To Build A Tree in Path of Exile

I’m currently level 33 with over 800 hp and I like running dual axes, some skills I like using are Lacerate, Cleave, Leap slam and double strike, with support gems for those skills. I also have this Aura that gives me like 300 evasion. Which support skills should I apply to each skill? I currently have faster attack, chance to bleed, onslaught, endurance charge on melee stun, fire damage. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to poe orbs buy on U4GM.

path of exile

So, how to build a tree? Attack builds usually focus on getting the weapon specific nodes, that are usually very good. Then picking up a few other damages nodes depending on how you want to scale your damage. The rest should be filled out With the life nodes you can take on the path for going to your damage nodes. You should grab at least 180% life on the tree.

As for ascendances :

  • Champion is pretty OP right now but that’s mainly thanks to the “hits can’t be evaded” thing that’s mainly good for crit builds. If you intend on sticking with axes, I wouldn’t go crit, and thus wouldn’t go champion and grab resolute technique on the tree
  • Gladiator and Slayer are both really good defensively. Slayer specializes in Regen through insane leech, while gladiator is more about preventing damage through block. It’s mainly a question of preferences and playstyle.
  • These are just general guidelines. As I said, I’d strongly advise you follow a build guide, or at least read a few of them, to check what people are doing, and why they’re doing it, so you can then build accordingly.
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More Detail Of PoE Siphoning Trap In Path Of Exile

Five new trap skill gems are added to PoE. Let’s take a look at one of the trap skills details: Siphoning Trap.

Available at level 10, Siphoning Trap is the quintessential utility skill for trappers. It does three things:

1. It deals cold damage over time to up to ten enemies within a large radius:

The damage it deals is not enormous, but the area it affects is very generous. It targets the enemies closest to the central trap device, meaning an enemy’s movement can change whether or not it is targeted (even during the trap’s effect!)

2. It chills:

Each enemy affected by the trap is chilled, slowing them, and conveniently ensuring that they stay within the trap’s area of effect just a little longer.

3. It grants you both life AND mana regeneration per enemy affected:

It’s not just a little bit, either. At level 20, with 10 enemies affected, Siphoning Trap will send nearly 500 life and a little more than 25 mana per second your way.

Siphoning Trap may not carry you through your Incursions at lightning speed, but it will provide an avenue for life and mana recovery while crippling enemy speed. With supports like Increased Duration Support and Trap Cooldown Support (now renamed Advanced Traps Support) you’ll potentially be able to maintain multiple Siphoning Trap effects at the same time.

I’m not sure how often this will be used. You sure as hell will not use this while mapping unless it is possible to scale the damage to kill mobs at a good pace.

And vs single target you only siphon one mob because there is only 1 mob. Maybe it will be worth using for that reason alone. I never think poe currency purchase is a bad thing.

It could definitely be used in high damage/risk areas like breaches and abysses but it definitely won’t be a staple skill gem for trapper builds. It’s more of a frost bomb or orb or storms type of thing. Just some nice extra utility on the side but you can skip it completely if you wish.

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SSF is More Reliant on RNG Mechanics than Trade League – PoE

I’ll get straight into it. I’m a huge noob at Path of Exile still, even with more than 1500 hours spent in softcore every new league. I still kill all the mobs in zones sometimes, and i still catch myself picking up everything in a map now and again. I still die and I always run out of currency and it felt like a waste every time i did, even if i got something good out of it. I always play softcore, and since I almost never get an item that i want to drop, and since i can never seem to six link anything i want, i felt like SSF would be just a huge hassle and a waste of my time. But boy was i wrong. I love everything about SSF.

First of all, I don’t have to trade with another person ever again. On top of that, everything i pick up is mine. I feel like I’ve earned everything that i have gotten. I had 5k Perandus Coins, and when i found that Belly from Cadiro, man was i thrilled. I spent the time running the maps to get that, instead of buying the coins from someone else. I just felt like posting here because i love this race, and i hope everyone else loves it as much as me. And if you have never played SSF, or are skeptical, Let me be the first to tell you that it’s a wonderful experience.


This is the PoE false prejudices number one.

In reality you can clear all content on a 5-link. I played ssf for quite some time and I didn’t get a 6-link, although I farmed 1100 fusings I’m hesitating about what to spend them on. I personally didn’t kill Shaper yet, but all the Guardians went down pretty easily, I even managed to do corrupted ones.

I don’t know where people get that idea about “6-link being just the beginning of endgame”. There are many builds that can speed-clear t15 on a 5-link. For SSF the best example is spectre summoner, with MoM you have 7k+ exp with trash rares, with just unique boots you have 3 spectres that clear any pack in a span of a second.

If by endgame you mean bosses like guardians and Atziri, then there are also plenty of builds that can do them on a 5-link. For U-Atziri 6-link actually will not help you too much, what matters is your ability to dodge the mechanics.

If you wanna reach endgame, stop leveling many chars to ~85. Just play one char with a non-shitty build to level 90+, open your atlas including the red maps, and by the time you do that you actually have the currency for a 6-link. Also a rare corrupted 6-link with 90+ life and 50+ resists is something you can amass currency for by just doing 40 yellow maps or something. But 5-link is really enough for any half-decent build. If you need cheap poe orbs in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

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How To Distinguish Between PoE Worthy Items And Crappy Items

Every MMORPG games have worthy items and crappy items, PoE is no exception. If you are a new player, you may don’t know what items worth picking up. After reading this article carefully, you will have the answer.


Items to pick up, here is a list of items that are valuable:

  1. Currency Items – Obviously, path of exile is being run by currency. These are what you’ll need when trading path of exile items. Pick all the currency items that you’ll encounter. When necessary, you can keep an eye on poe currency purchase.
  2. All Quality Flasks – you’ll need to upgrade your flasks eventually, so picking these things are worth the investment in the late game. Pick all the flasks that have a prefix, like “bubbling sacred mana flask.”
  3. Skills Gems – Pick all the skill gems that you think you’ll need for your build and pretty much skill gems have its own value depending on the server’s population. The demand for skill gems go higher if the server has many people on it, skill gems are affected by the population overtime.
  4. Support Gems – These gems are quite rare and you wouldn’t know when you’re going to need it so pick it up.
  5. Quality Gems – It’s rare but it pretty much doesn’t have trade potential. Since it’s rare, you have to pick it. You wouldn’t know when the community is going to ask for it.
  6. Magic Quality Equipments – Blue items only work in the early game. You won’t be able to sell it in the market in during your high level stage because people need rare items on their higher levels.
  7. Rare Quality equipments – The principle in every MMORPG is that you have to pick every rare item.

Items that are not worth picking up, the list of crappy Path of Exile items:

  1. Low Stat White Accessories – pretty much useless, although, white accessories that have high stat bonus tend to be more valuable than blue accessories that have low stat bonus.
  2. Scrolls – In the early game, scrolls have their values. As you level up scrolls lose its value.

However, in the long run, some crappy items will start to have their value as the game grew old, because the game’s admin will make events that will probably require those crappy items that players usually think it’s rubbish. It doesn’t happen very often so don’t worry.

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