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Take A Look At Players Ratings Of NBA 2K18


The round notes Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, the first two of the latest draft, to be unveiled.

Markelle Fultz & Lonzo Ball

The following notes are therefore known:

Kevin Durant – 96
Steph Curry – 94
Paul George – 91
Karl-Anthony Towns – 91
Kyrie Irving – 90
Isaiah Thomas – 89
DeMar DeRozan – 89
Damian Lillard – 89
Joel Embiid – 86
Devin Booker – 86
Dwight Howard – 81
D’Angelo Russell – 80
Markelle Fultz – 80
Lonzo Ball – 80
Nick Young – 74

Stay tuned to U4NBA for more guides on NBA 2K18 and more.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Is Just A Nostalgic Operation?


The Elder Scrolls Online MMO universe expands again and this time it does not leave the flavor of a DLC as much as a game itself. It’s almost a multiplayer revision of the old and most beloved The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind.

Though the storyline of the new adventure takes place many centuries before the original game, many of Vvanderfell’s iconic venues are just as we reminded them, and they do not lack arousing some nostalgia.


So Morrowind is just a nostalgic operation, or is it really capable of expanding and improving the entire experience at Tamriel?

Morrowind’s first feature is that with One Tamriel, each player can venture into Vvardenfell lands and face new quests without worrying about their own level. It will be possible to land Seyda Neen with either her original TESO character or by creating a new one from scratch.

This means that the campaign can be completed by playing alone, too much over-simplification, according to a number of players, but in our opinion it is very good to allow even those who do not have hundreds of hours to spend in the game to enjoy at least the main plot.

Leaving aside the new settings, such as the Lord Vivec palace, the well-known towns of old-time fans and the peculiar flora and fauna of the island, Morrowind proposes exactly the same basic gaming system as well as from the point of view Of the gameplay than that of the quest.

Along with the merits, it also brings defects, such as a combat system that can always be a little tedious and a graphic sector that does not seem to fit, especially with regard to models and animations of characters.

A pleasant evolution is noted from the point of view of writing and immersion: Despite the number of activities to be tackled (including new dungeons and PvP mode), Morrowind manages to keep the player glued to the screen with more than the past and certainly less trivial.


But improvement has not only been a screenplay: since the early hours of play, Morrowind offers gameplay tips in his quest that capture much more than the missions he had used the original TESO, giving even more Feeling to be in a huge single-player.

Among the most important additions we find the new class of the Warden, the first real hybrid in the universe of The Elder Scrolls Online, whose skills vary from the use of ice spells to protect themselves from that of spells curative to the area without obviously forgetting of the Animal companions that also make it a great DPS.

As was foreseeable, around Tamriel there are more Warden than ever these days, and real concern comes from the excessive imbalance that seemed to be between the new class and the other.

In any case, the Warden is certainly fun to play and will also engage those who have already dredged up to bone all the other available classes, though a minimum of skill recycling has been there.

As mentioned earlier, another interesting new feature is the new PvP modes, which consist exactly of what are typical Battlegrounds challenges: Morrowind brings with it its version of the most classic Team Deathmatch, Domination and Capture the Flag, operating a speeding game that works and has fun, representing a good alternative to the usual grinding and PvE’s typical activities. For more information on The Elder Scrolls Online, head on over to the ESO-GOLD site.

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ESO: Winners Of Midyear Mayhem Event Will Be Rewarded With Laurel Wreath


In order to bridge the hot summer days in ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’, the MMORPG will be celebrating a special Midyear Mayhem event from 21 to 31 July.

You will be rewarded with unique rewards, including the winner’s Midyear Victor Laurel Wreath as head cover, double Alliance Points, PvP equipment, and rare crafting materials. Booty and bonuses are also available in all PvP modes.

eso 12

In general, however, there is a lot going on around Tamriel: there will be battles with hundreds of players in large-scale campaigns in Cyrodiil, but also fast street battles in the Imperial City or actionful 4v4v4 aren battles in the battlefields of Vvardenfell.

In order to participate in the festivities and to secure you honor in the field, you proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Crown Store, where you get and activate a ticket with the name “Details on the Midyear Mayhem”.
  • Travel through the Alliance War menu to the main gate of your faction in Cyrodiil
  • Look for the quest “redicant Maera” and get the quest “Midyear Mayhem”
  • Complete these to get your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity and Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Box
  • Activate the Scroll and enjoy 100% bonus on Alliance Points in the following PvP modes (Duels excluded) in two hours:
  • Alliance War (Cyrodiil)
  • Imperial City (for this you need the Imperial City DLC extension)
  • Battlegrounds (for this you need ESO: Morrowind)

More information about the event and the festivities can be found on the official homepage.

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Albion Online – The Five Game Features


Sandbox Interactive officially announced the availability of Albion Online on PC, following the complete deletion of beta servers to reset all players from scratch, which will be reintroduced slowly into the gaming world from the purchasers of the Legendary Founder Pack and the Legendary Starter Pack. As of today, access is also granted to Epic Founder and Starter and Veteran Founder and Starter.

albion game

Albion Online is an MMO characterized by a player-driven economy and a flexible system of classes based on their equipment. It also includes a PvP system through which the players’ guilds are constantly battling for the domain of the territory. Below is a list of key gaming features.

  • A story for every player: In the Albion world every character will build from whether their destiny, whether it’s becoming a legendary warrior or a capable blacksmith.
  • Gamers’ Economics: They are the players themselves to accomplish the objects that turn the world of gaming world.
  • Absence of classes: a development system that will not force players to follow a specific class. The system is baptized “You Are What You Wear”.
  • Guild Activities: Players can constantly connect and co-ordinate with members of their guild to expand their territory and change Albion’s political set-up.
  • A great community: with over 250,000 players in the beta alone.
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10 Free Websites For Madden NFL 18 Live Streaming Online

Madden NFL 18 is America’s biggest event, so the league ensures that they have a very strict way to play their content, let alone say that these methods are very expensive. However, not all Madden 18 fans can enjoy the game at high prices, and the fans are happy to keep up with their home team. Well, do not worry, there are several ways to keep a connection with your favorite game without having to pay a penny. Here are some of the best online sites you can use for free streaming NFL games!




1. Atdhenet.tv.

A great sports streaming channel.

2. Time4TV.

This is a great site that has your best interest at heart.

3. WiZiWiG.

Wiziwig is the biggest online streaming website.

4. Ustream.tv.

This is a reliable online live stream sports and other sports events channels.

5. Freesportscast.com.

Many sports games on this one not only the NFL but that inclusive as well.

6. Streamtowatch.me.

It lets you know if your flash player is up to date and if it is, then it is free NFL for you!

7. Justin.tv.

All you have to do is sign up and once that is done you have loads of streaming opportunities.

8. Firstrowsports.com.

This is the site for those that would like to catch the game on an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

9. nflgames.net .

It is free, but it is not alive every day But, in order to prevent you from trying to catch the game of the past, you have not paid for it.

10. MyP2P.eu.

To move on this site, you will need a player to play the player. Once you download and install, you can guarantee that you can enjoy the free NFL live and enjoy other free channels.

More information is on madden-store.com where will provide instant madden mobile coins and cheap madden NFL 18 coins.

Resource From: https://www.madden-store.com/news/10-Free-Websites-For-Madden-NFL-18-Live-Streaming-Online-32365

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Morrowind Have One Of The Deepest Magic Systems In The Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls Online was no successful success. But courageously, the developers timed their game to strike out the biggest annoyances. And now, there’s the first official expansion, adding a whole lot of ground to the game world, plus a whole lot of new quests and a new class. But is it enough to completely rehabilitate The Elder Scrolls?

Although you can not take four steps nowadays before pushing your head against another Skyrim port, Morrowind was the final rpg for many Elder Scrolls fans. Not only did Morrowind have one of the deepest magic systems in the series (with more possibilities than Skyrim), the game world was unique and original. Instead of the (gaaaaap) most wooded area with a dragon here and there, the province of Morrowind was an almost alien world, with giant mushrooms and its own culture and history. No wonder, so there are still a lot of fans who think about the best The Elder Scrolls game. It is on the nostalgia that The Elder Scrolls Online base its first expansion. Because it takes place in that strange landscape, between the fascinating Elven factions and strange giant champignons.


But do not think this is a modern re-imagining or remake (or remaster or whatever for any reason) of a beloved classic. It is nothing more (or less) than a new accessible area in a now over three years old mmo.


The Elder Scrolls Online had the necessary problems when it appeared. It offered a standard “quest-level-go-to-follow-area” online game and tried to squeeze all the logic into freedom and single-player feeling of The Elder Scrolls. The result was a pitiful story of very well-written quests that regularly banned other players from defeating the final boss of your personal story just before your nose.

But MMOs are not static games. Zenimax has not stopped and made a lot of changes. Not only was the ridicule monthly subscription dropped, but the game itself was fundamentally addressed. Slowly but surely a game floated up that pieces were better than what was ever launched. Suddenly, the world was freely accessible, no matter what level you were. And suddenly, individual servers were replaced by one major mega server, with only one voluntary separation between the US and Europe, to avoid connection problems. Morrowind (the expansion) feels like a kind of last step in a reboot of the game.


This will also mark you when you install it and get an option to start a new character. Yes, of course you can get an old hero, but it’s not necessary. As the entire game world (including the new areas) scales to your character, the extension for both absolute beginners and veterans is fully playable.

For veterans it may be worth the effort to try out the new ‘Warden’ class. For newcomers, too. Actually, it’s the question who should not play Warden, as this class can be either tank, dps or healer, depending on how you build him or her. As a bonus, the Warden is accompanied by an enormous bear, which makes fighting much easier. The Warden is not too strong for the game. It’s more that this is by far the best class to play in the game, with more personality than everyone else so far. And given the freedom in your final role choice (tank, dps or healer), you do not really put yourself at the start of the game.


Once started with the new character, two things occur. First of all, of course, the starting environment, which is a replica of the place you first entered Morrowind for the first time. Immediately it is a party of nostalgia and recognition. But then, of course, many times more beautiful than you remembered. And without the fog that was necessary to make the game run smoothly at the time.

The second thing that strikes is how easy the game takes you when you have accepted your first quest. Every questioner really matters to you, so you do not have to make any text to you. Although the animators will not win prizes for the woody npc’s, the voters make sure you’re in the story soon. And then it’s a matter of having a good trip and watching what the world has to offer you. A world full of quests, sometimes indicated very clearly but sometimes only through a hint to be discovered. Very nice are the little ‘plays’ that are raised by the computer characters here and there – they make it clear that there are adventures to be found here. And the quality of the quests themselves is fantastic.


These are multi-stage, well written stories, which never prevent you from killing a few ten rats. Instead, you get involved in political machinations, corruption, fighting faction and an Elder Scrolls version of a masked superhero. It never feels like a job to do a quest and it is also advisable not to pick up too much at the same time. Instead, it’s a lot more fun to complete one questline completely before you get another look. Whoever la World of Warcraft tries to level as many quests as possible in order to ‘level efficiently’ does not necessarily mean that The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind makes this worthwhile.


Because (and this is likely to be choking) now, The Elder Scrolls is almost no more. Yes, of course, other players are still running. And yes, it’s all too often that those other players get rid of an end boss for your nose and disturb your personal story. But at the moment it is probably best to pretend that all those others are not. Because as singleplayer experience, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is a very fun game with the exception of the new stories also the excellent skill system that saved the game from launching total failure.

Anyone who wants to play with multiple players can still do that. And there is also the big PvP area where you can freely take war against other factions. But the actual gameplay, especially in the expansion, has been developed especially for solo players. This makes The Elder Scrolls Online more mmo-like than mmo. More than World of Warcraft, where dungeons and raids are an important part of the end-game. End-game in The Elder Scrolls Online is either PvP or more quests. The handful of raids (or “Trials”) are for those who want to, but form more an attraction than the final goal.

The main question that stuck on the head during the game was why: why is this online? What do all those other circular figures add to the experience? And just like the launch three years ago, the answer is difficult to give. The big difference three years ago is that the game is now very fun to play, whether there are other players or not. The amazing little and big stories you discover now are just amazing. And they also make the setting really right. This is not a standard fantasy world. Morrowind is still dark, strange, extraterrestrial and a pleasure to explore. That all those freaks in an online game have been pushed may be a pity for the hardcore Morrowind fans, but it has improved the quality of Elder Scrolls Online in any case.

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Albion Online Video: It Will Take Place Very Soon


The long-awaited official release of Albion Online is less than a week. Players crave it for many years and very soon it will take place. In honor of the release of the game, the developers prepared a new introductory video. He briefly narrates about the game world and background, setting the mood for the heroes who set foot on the land of Albion.

The game will be released on July 17. Albion Online is distributed on the model of buy to play, that is, you need to buy it only once, and then you can play as much as you like. Developers themselves are engaged in localization, so there is no need to worry about translation and competence of domestic publishers.

Before you make your fortune instead the word with danger around every where, you should make sure to stock up enough cheap albion online gold. Click here to visit our site.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Free Trial With All DLC Game Packs

ESO Plus Bonus

The Elder Scrolls Online has recently received a big bonus with the title Morrowind. The creators of this time offer free content for ESO Plus holders and will try out all free DLC add-ons!

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMO game that does not require a subscription fee. Instead, users have the option of purchasing the optional ESO Plus. This is a service that functions like a seasonal pass. Its owners can count on free access to addons and some bonuses in the form of experience and gold bonuses.

eso event

The Elder Scrolls Online will give away all ESO Plus free content owners. If you sign up for the game between 5-9 July you will get up to five free Dwarven Crown Crates. Every day for single login you will be given one crate. Once you open it, you can count on a mount, costumes, or other items from the game.

If you are not in possession of ESO Plus, then on the same days the content offered by the subscription will be available to all players for free! This means that from today until Sunday you have free access to free DLC extensions. Just enter the game and check out the Crown Store tab, where in the “Featured” category you will find a free trial of the ESO Plus service. You get access to:

  • Full access to all DLC game packs – new zones, quests, dungeons and more!
  • Unlimited storage for crafting materials
  • Double bank space
  • 10% increase to Experience& Gold acquisition, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Researchrates
  • Double Furnishings and Collectibles space in the players’ housing
  • Exclusive ability to dye costumes

By activating the free trial of ESO plus you can not count on the bonus crates – of course, the promotion is for current subscribers.

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Albion Online: The Last Straight For The Founder Program

albion-online founder

The MMO Albion Online enters the final phase of beta and is preparing for a final launch on July 17th!

The launch of Albion Online is fast approaching! We told you what we thought of the Sandbox Interactive MMO a few months ago in a preview, and so we look forward to definitely embarking on the adventure. Meanwhile, if you have not yet taken advantage of one of the launch packs of the game, this is the time when ever! Indeed, the Founder Program of Albion Online will stop before the exit of the game, and you have until July 9 at 11 pm to be able to acquire one of them (or to improve yours to the top rank!).

The founder access offers a lot of advantages like Explorer’s mounts, or even unique avatar rings, but also gold coins. To reward the investment of its players in the beta of the game, Sandbox Interactive decided to upgrade by 10% the amount of your starting booty.

  • The Veteran Founders will be entitled to 2,200 Gold instead of 2,000,
  • The Epic Founders, will obtain 4,950 Gold instead of 4,500,
  • The Legendary Founders, will get 13,200 Gold instead of 12,000.

What a good start in this universe where the economy is fully owned by the players. The launch is approaching and the servers will be closed on July 9 and reopen on July 17. So you can still buy a Found Pack. Otherwise, you can always listen to the game director Robin Henkys talking about Albion Online.

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The Changes In Morrowind Of The Elder Scrolls Online


The release of a massive add-on for TES Online, the theme of which was all the beloved Morrowind, could not help attracting the attention of fans of the main “single” series. It is The Elder Scrolls 3 that is still considered to be fans of the undying classics from those times when the grass was greener, and the scuma was being sold everywhere. And it should be said that the online version of Morrowind creates exactly the atmosphere that was expected of it.

Swim up to the pier of a village called Seyda Neen, you will surely remember why you are so fond of these places. Everything in the surrounding landscape brings you back to 15 years ago, at the time of the release of the third part of The Elder Scrolls, dedicated to adventures in the world of Dunmer. Standing in the marshes buildings of rough gray stone, giant mushrooms and even a small port warehouse say that you have finally returned home. However, it is worth remembering that the add-on events occur long before the events of The Elder Scrolls 3.


The action of the online version of Morrowind unfolds seven centuries before the event in the original game. Vivec is still under construction, and the Red Mountain is quieter than ever. The zones of influence of the great houses are distributed differently: at the head of practically the inhabited world of the region is Redoran, and other houses only claim power. However, a lot will still be familiar to you. Most of the landscape attractions from the original are carefully transferred to TES Online. As a result, Morrowind has an interesting fusion of the old and the new, which will allow you to simultaneously learn more information about the ancestral lands of the Dwemer and start a tearful tear, looking at the lovely hillocks and remembering the only stories that are important to you. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind generally plays very strongly on the feeling of nostalgia. So, it will be possible to meet old acquaintances, including the living god Vivec, who will need help with several problems.

Morrowind demonstrates once again that TES Online is one of those rare MMORPGs that relies on the storyline. In addition, you can find several key stories in which you have to figure out. In addition, there are several dozens of no less interesting side lines. And these are not ordinary short assignments. On some of the plot branches will have to spend a lot of time and effort. One such is a chain of quests about the liberation of slaves, which can rightly be called one of the longest among similar games in the genre.


To learn about what is happening in this world is like reading a good book. Virtually everything that Morrowind can show you can be seen in three dozen hours. Although, like in any MMORPG, this time can easily be stretched in half or twice. It may seem that this is not much, but the creators of the add-on bet on the quality, and you will definitely say thank you that you will not have to kill another herd of wild boars ten times.

New mechanics in addition, however, not too much – affects the emphasis on the story. One new class called Warden is made, apparently, in order to give players the opportunity to be “Warden”: it can and treat, and damage the enemies, and even tank. However, all this is obtained from him on an average level – the class does not have pronounced weak or strong sides. On the other hand, he can call a war bear, which, unfortunately, is absolutely useless in PvP. This somewhat limits his popularity in the game.

In addition, with the release of additions to The Elder Scrolls Online appeared Battlegrounds in three forms: Domination, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. In fact, they are clashes of different factions in small arenas. Nothing special, but this innovation definitely will please those who would like to fight not only with the surrounding world.

For those who do not like to pick up an ax and aimlessly crumble live rivals, there is a new raid dungeon – Halls of Fabrication. It is such a Dwemer land with entertainment for every taste, from a lethal environment to those who seek to crush you with huge constructs. The dungeon is really difficult, so preparing for its passage is necessary with all seriousness even to experienced players. It is calculated for 12 people, and it also has its own interesting story.

And, of course, Morrowind has become more beautiful than ever. The picture of TES Online has become even more pleasant, recreating the stunning atmosphere of gray, but such a charismatic world. And the music did not disappoint. It’s time to start again to admire the sunsets of Balmora!

Morrowind is here on The Elder Scrolls Online! Just fill your bank with enough money and get the necessary weapons and gears to benefit the most from Elder Scrolls Online. If you are in lack of gold, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD.

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