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A Viper Strike Assassin Build Guides – Path of Exile

A Viper Strike Assassin build – perhaps there’s no core skill more appropriate for the class, as the skill defines how a true assassin should strike. Plus, it’s one of the best builds for the class for Patch 3.2. Hopefully, if future changes permit, this build could remain not only viable but also suitable for future updates. So you can learn some best ways to Viper Strike Assassin on this article:

Skill guides

  • For the core skill gem, Viper Strike, have it with Multistrike, Melee Physical Damage, Added Chaos Damage, Unbound Ailments, and Vile Toxins support gems.
  • For mobility, have Whirling Blades with Faster Attacks, Fortify, and Blood Magic.
  • For your totem setup, have Spell Totem with Wither and Increase Duration support gem.
  • For your curse setup, have Blasphemy, Despair, Enlighten, and Temporal Chains.
  • For your Cast When Damage Taken setup, have Immortal Call and Vortex.
  • Lastly, if you still have a few sockets, have Blood Rage and Lightning Golem.

Weapon: Two The Wasp’s Nest for increased physical, poison, and chaos damage; also, it has critical strike chance and accuracy.

Off-hand: Death’s Hand for increased elemental damage, physical damage, critical strike chance, chance to gain power charge for the stunning enemy, and gain Unholy Might for 2 seconds upon a critical hit.

Body: Dendrobate for increased evasion, energy shield, maximum energy shield, elemental resistances, poison damage when you have 300 Dexterity;

Gloves: Fenumus Weave for increased evasion, energy shield, life, attack and cast speed, damage with hits and ailments against enemies afflicted with 3 Spider’s Web, and it adds 10 to 14 chaos damage for each Spider’s Web on the enemy.

Boots: Kaom’s Roots for extra Life and immunity to Frozen, Chilled, Stunned, and Temporal Chains.

Belt: Belt of the Deceiver for increased strength, physical damage, critical strikes, life, elemental resistances, and intimidation of nearby enemies;

Accessories: any Rare rings with bonuses to physical damage, life, strength, elemental resistances, accuracy, and fire damage.

Jewels: Growing Agony to enhance Viper Strike; rare Jewels with bonuses to life, critical strike chance, and damage.

Flasks: Atziri’s Promise for chaos resistance. Lion’s Roar for knockback to melee attacks. Rumi’s Concoction for +3000 to armor.

The Viper Strike Assassin build is quintessential, not only in theme but also in effectiveness. So if you want a solid and novel build, this one is for you.

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What Has You Most Exited For Bless Online?

Bless Online

Bless Online is a MMORPG created by a Korean studio, Neowiz, in collaboration with Epic Games. The action is placed in a medieval world filled with fantasy elements: magic, dragons, and other dangerous creatures. What has you most exited for Bless Online?

Let’s take a look at the players’ point of view, don’t forget Buy Bless Online Gold if you need gold in game:

Bless Online

1. I’m excited that the game has arenas and battlegrounds. It also is a skilled based game. People who’s expecting to be gear carried in Bless will not like it. You actually get rewarded for PvPing. It is pretty much the opposite of BDO which is great.

2. I’m most excited for the start of Early Access. As we all know, nothing beats the atmosphere of everyone starting in the same zones and going from scratch. Best time to be in an MMO with the world being so alive with players running everywhere. Of course I want to try everything that comes with this game. Been waiting since it was first announced.

3. I’m most excited that it’s a new game that looks fairly fun and has a decent amount of hype attached to it. My favorite part about MMOs/online games is experiencing something new with lots of other players. The first few weeks of a new MMO are some of my favorite gaming memories.

4. I’m excited for the large scale pvp as well, I just hope the optimization updates will allow it to be playable even if you don’t have the best of the best rig.

5. Mass PvP for sure! And also dungeons, I hope there are some difficult ones (I didn’t play asian version so I dont know how do they look like) with hard mobs/bosses. I like games like wow/old lineage 2 where party composition and knowledge matters not black desert or revelation – you can be brain dead in bdo and still kill mobs and bosses with ease.

6. A game that seems to have interesting PVP (but not only PVP) but also seems like, at the very least, it won’t be ridiculously P2W like certain other games with good PVP systems are. Also the world/lore and stuff seems pretty cool tbh even if it does turn out to be not very good I think I’ll at least enjoy that.

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Bless Onlion Team Announced The May Steam Early Access Program

Bless Online

Bless Online announced the May Steam Early Access program and the debut of the new site. The following are the official team’s description. Don’t forget Buy Bless Online Gold is important.

After reviewing the pros and cons of the Buy-to-Play, Free-to-Play, and Subscription models, Bless Online team decided that B2P is the most suitable model for both Neowiz Bless Studio and the players.

Bless Online

First, B2P would create a pleasant gaming environment by preventing bots from flooding the servers and disturbing the players.

Second, they decided against F2P to prevent us, the developers, from being tempted into P2W. And of course, they also looked at their community’s opinions and requests. They have heard many players’ feedback and concluded that buy to play model is what players want the most!

Bless Online

There are microtransaction and item shop things be available at a later point for players to purchase. Bless Online will have a cash shop. In it you’ll find awesome cosmetic equipments, skins, mounts and pets, consumables and boosts, and more. There will be no “loot boxes” as it were.

When Early Access launches on Steam in May, one of the biggest new features players will find is localization, including a full voice over for English and a new combat system will allow players to have their own combat styles and combat mode even if they wear the same equipment and have the same level. This new combat system will debut with EA for the first time.

And Bless Online team have a lot of exciting things planned for after EA, including the Mystic and Assassin classes, the final combat rework, new battlefield, housing, guild system rework and more.

In addition, a new area where you can only travel with Wyverns and flying mounts will be introduced as well as beyond max-level content.

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Final Fantasy XIV Online GO Inspired By Pokemon GO


Of course, the team behind Final Fantasy can not resist taking an April Fool Out. And normally, I save myself posting the numerous fake news here every year, but if a studio is so anxious for an April Fool’s joke, I like to go with it. If you need gils in game recently, you will want to join in our activity to get the 5% off code and buy cheapest Final Fantasy XIV Gil on FFXIV4GIL. Just mark the time and join in our activity on time.

For example, Final Fantasy XIV Online GO announced a fake companion app for Final Fantasy XIV. As the team explains in the video, players love to collect resources in Final Fantasy XIV. This is currently only possible at home in front of the console or the PC. And here comes the app into play.

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO, inspired by Pokemon GO, lets you march around the area to gather resources in the real world. For this, even a gadget was developed in which one can put the smartphone, for example, to use it as a hoe. This should be able to collect raw materials more effectively.

Sounds stupid? It is. So stupid that we would wish the app was real. Here is the great fake video for the fake app:

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