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How to Use Less health and Mana Potions

The ArcheAge allows you to create potions and you always need potions. Healing potions, mana potions, potions of physical protection,magical defense, attack speed which can be crafted by alchemist and sold to other players. Crafting potions is a rather way to make some ArcheAge Gold. During the open test, there are lots of ArcheAge Newbie complaint the mana and health potion is not enough at the beginning. To challenge a boss, you need to cost several potions each time.

aa potions

As you can see from this table,to craft various potions need lots of money and time. At the beginning stage in ArcheAge, we have less gold and limited labor point, how can we use options easily? Now, we are glad to share several methods to use less health and mana potions in ArcheAge!

1. To use control skill:
The melee class can use the control skill to control the monsters. Actually, the melee class are less to use the health potions. They armed with the plate set items which has high defense, the monster are hard to destroy it.

2. To choose right equipment:
Even though you are the assault in ArcheAge, you still need equip with plate set items. The leather set items wouldn’t increase your DPS. Although the leather set items can increase the attack speed, to level up you need rely on plate set items to increase defense.

3. To take use of topography:
In the ArcheAge, the topography is an important factor you should take consideration. For example, when you are attacking the monsters on the bridge, before the monster approach to you, just jump off the bridge and the monster would follow you. At that time, basically the monster has died.

4. To make team:
The best way to save potions is make team in ArcheAge! Not only it can increase the efficiency to finish monster and quest, but also it can reduce the consumption of mana and health potions.

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Guide for FIFA 15 Fans to Make Coins Fast

fifa 15 coins guide

Since FIFA 15 is available, guides for cheap FIFA 15 coins making spring out. Except for making coins from each tournament or matches, you can try to earn FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins easily with buy low sell high strategy like Buffett, a successful business investment.

FIFA 15 is like a stock market, and players should be stocks. Everyone can make profits with buy low and sell high. The common means to be used is non-inform player investment. Generally speaking, once a player is into the Team of the Week, both his inform card and his own black card on the market will go to rise.

Why is this strategy effective in FIFA 15?
First, the higher rate of exposure makes the demand increase once someone appears in the best squad. As we know, there are so many players in FIFA 15 so that some of them mayalways be forgotten. Once they start to go after all the line of sight, they will have a high demand in the market. And then their prices are rising.
Second, all gamers cannot get this player’s card at once when a player is chosen into the best squad, which leads to a slim supply but an ample demand. According to the supply and demand of economics, price will definitely go up.

When to buy and sell players?
Differently from the previous FIFA games, FIFA 15 players generally have a high price on all consoles, especially players with over 85 rating, whose prices are still rising. Thus, we can forecast one or two players that are likely to be chosen in the Week of the Team, and sell them after the list is announced to get extra 500~ 1000 coins.By the way, someone has bought French Lyon striker lacazette with 5200 coins, and then sell him for 6700. Now he has entered the best squad, and may rise up to 9000 in the near future.

EA is busy to claim out the Team of the Week one by one, so if it is allowed, you might as well buy some for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team coins making. For the sake of more FUT 15 coins gaining.

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Buy FIFA 15 Coins and Enjoy the Improved Features of FIFA 15

fifa 15 coins

There is hardly any gamer who have not heard of FIFA. This online soccer game features all the possible teams as well as players that are known in the soccer league till now. Te excellent design, real-time look, as well as feel have made this football simulation video game so popular. The game belongs to the real FIFA league though it is developed and managed by EA sports. Several versions of FIFA 15 can be of your choice. If you want to use PS for playing the game, you need to buy FIFA 15 Coins PS4. Buying FUT 15 coins PS4 from a trustworthy store is highly recommended.

Now, the question is why should you buy FIFA 15 Coins PS4? FUT 15 PS4 coins are meant for playing in the FIFA ultimate team and buying these coins can help you acquire a lot of things that cannot be obtained otherwise. Certain things that can be acquired by using the FUT 15 PS4 coins are as follows:

More players
More skilled players
Better fitness

FIFA 15, as the developer of the game claims, is more improved that the previous versions of FIFA. Powered by the Ignite Engine, the upcoming version of FIFA introduces Elite Technique on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game showcases an array of improved features capturing the skill as well as athleticism of many legendary footballers. In FIFA 15, the movements of the players are more fluid and they lend the gamers with more practical and real gaming experience than its previous counterparts.

Previously, the players were restricted to certain generic passing animations for varied situations. But, the Elite Technique introduces a gamut of new skills to excite the gamers. The players will be able to trap in a 180° angle. FIFA 15 will replace the previous touch as well as turning with a single fluid movement. You can choose to buy FIFA 15 Coins PS4 online so as to include the best available players in your team.

Unless you conduct an in-depth research on the internet, you will not be able to track a trustworthy online store from which you can buy FIFA 15 Coins PS4. You should not buy FUT 15 PS4 coins from the store that you comes across first in during your research. You should shortlist a few stores offering the FIFA coins and visit them individual. Gathering information on all of the shortlisted stores is important. After collecting details on all these stores, you should compare the prices at which they are offering the FIFA 15 coins. Finally, you should buy from the store offering FIFA coins for the most competitive price.

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FIFA 15 Helpful Skills-Pure Shot

fifa 15The development of the Infinity engine has provided a massive dose of realism to FIFA. The players move realistically, the crowd has better detailed and cheers intelligently. If one watches closely than even ripples on players’ T shirts are visible. This amount of detail, however, isn’t for cosmetic purposes only. With the possibility of visualizing an actual kick, with all its fluidity and grace the game’s developers added an actual gameplay component known as the ‘Pure shot’.

If earlier it was the stats of the player and the skill with which the console was wielded, there is now a third element which can be described as the player’s specialty. All those precious cheap fifa 15 coins that were spent on your most loved footballers can now be redeemed in the ultimate way. The pure shot concept is a reenactment of the footballer’s talent on the virtual field. If the necessary conditions are met, then the player can execute a more powerful and accurate shot than the generic mechanism reflecting his unique capabilities.

To replicate the shot technique of players, they were called in and their motions recorded using sensors placed on their bodies, so when your virtual star pulls of a pure shot you are witnessing an exact replication of his real life talent.

The trick to execute a pure shot in fifa 15 is fairly simple, first a wide and clear space is required. A player cannot execute a pure shot in the middle of a gambit since it takes time. The technique calls for a second or two to power up for the shot. Once a player has a clear space around him, he must stop sprinting and slow down. Then after a momentary pause during which the player will execute the cinematic as well, the shot is made. The difference in accuracy and power is fairly obvious and allows for harder and longer distance shots than previous editions of the game.

This feature adds value to players with certain traits and styles of play that can be put to use while forming a team. Players bought cheaply for less fut coins may not be as advantageous even if they possess similar stats than an expensive player.Thanks to Pure Shot, we’ll be seeing a lot more long-distance goals and hard shots, so take advantage of it!

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Boost your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team with Cheap FIFA 15 coins


Boost up your Ultimate Team by providing them extended life. Do you know how you can extend the life of your team and boost them up to defeat the challenger? Investing cheap fifa coins is the secret in this concern that enhances the capability of the Ultimate Team performing well in the arranged matches.

While you select your Ultimate Team, you can discover the captain and cards. This is the start of the game and the limitations too in playing the game, as you become confined into the situation with the cards, where detailed of the team structure and the advantages you can obtain are mentioned.

With the start of the game, your players take different policies in order to tackle two defenders. It might be an attacking policy or a defending policy. Whatever the policy the players adopt, it should be effective in making use of the chances that leads to win the game. The team is awarded with the whining, which ensures the stronger position of the team too. Therefore, defeating the next team in a tournament becomes greatly possible to the winning team. In this way victory over victory comes.

You can improve the skills in playing the game and score highest in the match. It is easy to estimate that player getting a victory in a match not only become more courageous and confident, but also becomes more practical in taking decisions. In the same way, investing more cards, players improve their skills and do fare in the games. Therefore, whenever they tend to play by keeping in view the situation. When it is needed to defend, they defend and when chances come to make goals, make no mistake.

Power brings freedom. As many cards you would hold, so much powerful team you can build, as cards empowers the team, which can be used as and when needed to strengthen the team as well as to overcome problematic situations of the Ultimate Team. Buying cheap fifa 15 coins provides you the opportunity to access the freedom that helps you to overcome the problems of your team by eliminating your weaknesses and by boosting them up investing coins.

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ArcheAge Gold Tips For Players

The day has finally come, ArcheAge launched. ArcheAge Gold is the money of one very popular MMORPG ArcheAge. The ArcheAge Gold will be a very important part of gamers need to notice! How to gain ArcheAge gold becomes very important! There are some tips for ArcheAge Players.

1. Crafting skills depends on ArcheAge labor
There are many ways to gain gold in ArcheAge by crafting skills like Cultivation, Planting, Fishing, and so on. It’s the easy way to farm ArcheAge gold, but it takes a lot of time.

2. Combat
Like all MMORPG, you can get some gold by defeating the NPC monsters. It’s very a small amount gold, which also means gamers need more time to get rich by combat.

3. Trading
Players can trade their ArcheAge items to other gamers for ArcheAge exchanging. It’s depends on the value of the items for trading.

4. Exchange with real money
It’s the fast way to gain ArcheAge Gold, which also is the way the gamers’ choice in ArcheAge Testing. Buy ArcheAge Gold will cost a little money, but get the gold in 30 minutes, some even less. Most important part is buying ArcheAge Gold online can save a lot of Gamers time. It will be choose by a lot of gamers. is a good choice about cheap ArcheAge Gold for gamers. is a good choice for buying ArcheAge Gold!

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